SF bike thefts surge at alarming rate

By Coburn Palmer : sfbay.ca – excerpt

A report released Thursday by San Francisco’s Budget and Legislative Analyst shows bicycle theft in The City has increased by a whopping 70 percent in five years.
Bike thefts even beat out iPhone thefts in San Francisco, three to one…
The report calls for The City to develop a system where bike owners voluntarily register the serial numbers on their bikes. This database can then be checked to see if a used bicycle is stolen, allowing police to return stolen bikes to their owners… (more)

We agree. Set up a licensing system for bikes. We will need need to shift the burden for maintaining the streets to the bikers when they push the cars out of the city. They want to own the streets they can start to pay for them. As bikes become more prominent they will also have to start following the rules of the road. With streets full of bikes, they no longer be able to cruise through lights and stop signs. They will find it impossible to “get around ” traffic by switching lanes as they will be stuck in the middle of hundreds of bikes, some of them painfully slow. That should be really fun going up hill.

S.F. bike registry taking shape in effort to curb bike thefts