Pandora box has been flung open.

You are no longer dealing with just Ford GoBikes.

Thousands more are coming unless the pubic does something to stop them. Its plastered all over FACEBOOK that LIME bikes expanding into San Francisco and they are already signing up new members.  and another company called SPIN started dumping hundreds more on streets across the financial district. The only thing that will stop this is legislation.

We heard that a company called Arup was awarded a $550 Million contract to construct a bicycle lane across the Bay Bridge.

It is said that the lead designer for the $550M Bay Bridge bike lane is married to Ms. Brinkman, the chair of the SFMTA Board. See the following:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why all of these bikes are getting shoved down our throats for the sole purpose of removing parking from our streets. Is this what the voters wanted when they handed over management of the streets to what became SFMTA? Is this what City Hall supports? The complete privatization of our city streets and thoroughfares? If this is what our city leaders want do we want them?

If this is what our taxes are paying for do we support higher taxes?

Read about the holding company behind Motivate if you missed it to see who and what is behind the Ford GoBikes for proof that the bikes are being used to clear the way for dense urban development and luxury housing. Each day more proof of this comes out. What will you do about it? Leave or fight to stay. Pretty soon your choice will be made for you.

Fight gentrification:


We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight the Bike Lanes

By F. H. Buckley : wsj – excerpt

The bike wars in my little neighborhood are coming soon to a city near you.

My brave little neighborhood of King Street in Alexandria, Va., has calmly met the challenges of the Revolution, the War of 1812 and the Civil War, but now we’re seriously annoyed. What’s bothering us are the bike wars. The city of Alexandria has proposed to take away our street’s parking spaces and replace them with a dedicated bike lane. The preening activists who favor these lanes are in my town, and they will soon come to a neighborhood near you if they’re not there already.
It’s not as though local cyclists favor King Street. It’s a main artery, State Highway 7, that runs for 70 miles east from George Washington’s Alexandria to Patsy Cline’s Winchester in the west. Each day the road conveys 15,000 commuters past my house, traveling from Arlington and Fairfax to their jobs in Old Town or to the Patent and Trademark Office, along a two-lane street only 30 feet wide. Cars speed by, and city buses plow through our red lights at 40 miles per hour.
Our stretch of King Street is also extremely steep. The very few cyclists you do see on this thoroughfare use the sidewalk, as they are permitted to do. Coming up the hill, they rarely move faster than the very few pedestrians, so everyone’s safe… (more)