‘Contraflow’ bike lane opens on Polk Street as bike month gets into gear

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

San Francisco city leaders and bike advocates kicked off Bike Month this morning with the opening of a “contraflow” bike lane at the corner of Polk and Market streets.

The $2.5-million project came together in the past year to build a smooth connection from Market Street to northbound Polk Street by funneling bicyclists traveling against traffic onto a green bike lane that passes City Hall.

The city’s Department of Public Works director Mohammed Nuru joined San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency transportation director Ed Reiskin and San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim to cut the ribbon on the lane as dozens of riders perched on bikes watched…

Most of the funding for the new ($2.5 million) lane came from Proposition B, the $248-million Road Repaving and Street Repair bond, which San Francisco voters passed in 2011, and from the SFMTA’s 2009 Bike Plan… (more)

Voters please note what the Prop “B” (sold as a Road repaving and street repair bond) bond money was spent on and vote accordingly the next time SFMTA wants more money.

SFMTA issues $75 million bond for infrastructure needs

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

Last month, Mayor Ed Lee’s 2030 Transportation Task Force recommended a $10.1 billion investment into The City’s transit system over the next 15 years. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency announced last week it had raised $75 million toward that goal through a bond issuance, a power voters granted in 2007… (more)

” Repayment of the bonds will come from the transit agency’s operating budget.”
They are borrowing money to pay the interests on the outstanding loans. Is this a good idea?

Why not pay for it with the developer’s fees instead of allowing the in kind deals. Do you really want to spend the bond money to finance the debt of the bulb-outs and bike lanes? Or would you rather spend the money to keep the Muni lines you depend on?
If you are fed up with this approach, consider signing our Petition to Stop SFMTA and join us in our fight to take back our streets.

The park bond battle

by yael@sfbg.com : sfbg.com – excerpt

Why environmentalists and neighborhood groups are opposing more money for parks – Recreation and Parks clubhouses are privatized and cut off from public access. Public spaces like the Botanical Gardens and the Arboretum in Golden Gate Park are closed to people who can’t pay the price of admission. Event fees and permit processes have become so onerous that they’ve squeezed out grassroots and free events.
It’s been enough to infuriate a long list of neighborhood groups who have been complaining about the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department for years.
And now those complaints have led to a highly unusual coalition of individuals and groups across the political spectrum coming together to do what in progressive circles was once considered unthinkable: They’re opposing a park bond…
The bond got unanimous support from the Board of Supervisors…
But that doesn’t mean all the supervisors are pleased with the way Rec- is being run, either. In July 2010, Sup.  David Campos and then-Sup. Ross Mirkarimi tried to pass a Charter Amendment to split the appointments to the commission among the mayor and the supervisors… (more)

Neighborhood groups are opposing more bond money. We see a theme here. The Board of Supervisors tried to fix another out of control city agency  with a Charter Amendment in 2010, and failed to get six votes. It is time for some restructuring to regain public control over public servants and public property.