San Francisco Transit Growth: Will The City’s Building Boom Cause A Muni Meltdown?

: – excerpt – 1/24/2013

San Francisco Transit Growth: Will The City’s Building Boom Cause A Muni Meltdown?

San Francisco Transit Growth

SAN FRANCISCO — After decades of scant development, a barrage of new housing units are slated to be built in San Francisco at a furious pace, according to a report released earlier this month.
But the question of how to keep the city’s new residents from causing widespread gridlock looms large.
According to San Francisco’s most recent quarterly Pipeline Report, some 710 development projects are being considered, potentially offering up a staggering 43,600 new units of housing. Though it’s unlikely a large portion of those units will ever break ground, Gabriel Metcalf, the executive director of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, told The Huffington Post that “we are in the middle of a building boom.”…
Wiener recently requested that Muni begin issuing monthly reports to the Board of Supervisors detailing the state of its system. By crystallizing this data on a month-to-month basis, he hopes to see renewed political support for increasing Muni’s funding….
One such suggestion the lawmaker recently proposed? Increasing the city’s vehicle license fee for car-owners, creating funds which would ideally go directly into Muni’s coffers. Wiener hopes to place a ballot measure approving the hike before voters in 2014… (more)

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