Transit Ridership Down 2.3% in 2016

by Randal OToole : NewGeography – excerpt

With little fanfare, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) released its fourth quarter 2016 ridership report last week. When ridership goes up, the lobby group usually issues a big press release ballyhooing the importance of transit (and transit subsidies). But 2016 ridership fell, so there was no press release… (more)

We are running our own little investigation into the downward trend in ridership. It is our theory that the less public transportation designers talk to the riding public, the less the public uses their services. We think the a major reason for the drop-off on the weekends is the removal of seats bus stops and seats the BART and Muni cars, and major meltdowns of those systems several times a week.

We suggest people send letters to the SFMTA officials and the press and their supervisors to let them know why you no longer take the Muni as often as you once did, but, don’t tell SFMTA what your alternate method for getting around is or they will cut that off because they can’t allow competition.

If you want to get involved in stopping the anti-human trend on public transit, talk to your neighborhood group and check out the actions on the Action Page.

Muni To Launch Next Big Shakeup This Saturday, Changing Routes, Stops, Service Levels, More

by Teresa Hammerl : hoodline – excerpt

The Muni Forward project is bringing a new slew of service changes to transit lines across the city, which are set to kick off this Saturday. Some lines are getting more buses and trains, others less, and one line is getting some bigger new buses added to the lineup. The much-debated stop reductions on the L-Taraval are also moving forward.

According to SFMTA, the changes are based on feedback from Muni riders, adding service to popular routes and reducing frequency on others to prevent terminal crowding or to address under-used service. There are also a few stop and route adjustments in the works…

The city’s historic streetcars will also experience a reduction in service: expect fewer F-Market and F-Wharves trains in the morning and afternoon hours, to reduce crowding at the F-line’s 17th and Market terminus in the Castro. The SFMTA says the reductions will make the line more reliable (more)

“The SFMTA says the reductions will make the line more reliable.” Is this a factual error or a typo?

The only thing SFMTA seems capable of doing is cutting service, removing seats and bus stops, raising prices, and rearranging the pieces of what used to be a liable transit system. And they blame the drivers for all of their problems.

Someone needs new career, in fact a lot of them do.

What we need is a time machine to turn the clock back to pre-SFMTA days when Muni ran Muni and did not design future cities. We need to return to a Muni that works today instead of financing the future perfect Muni growing in somebody’s head for tomorrow.
Maybe they are cutting service to make room for the tech buses? Hmm?



Bay Area bus service lagging despite highway congestion, BART overcrowding

By Erin Baldassari : eastbaytimes – excerpt

OAKLAND — There are more people than ever on the Bay Area’s roads and rails. But despite the region’s booming economy and population growth, there are actually fewer people taking public transit today than there were two decades ago – a fact that might come as a surprise to BART passengers sardined into train cars each morning…

It isn’t riders who abandoned buses, it’s buses that abandoned riders, said Christian Peeples, president of AC Transit’s Board of Directors…

Erin Baldassari covers transportation. Contact her at 510-208-6428, or follow her at… (more)

People don’t want to be sardined. Removing bus stops and seats is not the answer. The solution is to make the buses more comfortable and more convenient. Join with the millions of riders who demand better Muni service. Support the Charter Amendment and demand a new MTA Board and new policies and procedures. Write your supervisors and demand that they put a hold on the SFMTA budget until the SFMTA board agrees to these demands. Sample letter is here: