Commuters lose transit, parking, biking benefits in tax bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — Count commuters among the losers in the Republican tax bill that the House and Senate are expected to vote on next week.

The final bill agreed to by Republican negotiators and released late Friday eliminates the tax incentive for private employers that subsidize their employees’ transit, parking and bicycle commuting expenses.

Currently, companies can provide parking or transit passes worth up to $255 a month to employees as a benefit to help pay for their commuting expenses, and then deduct the costs from their corporate taxes. That amount was set to increase to $260 a month on Jan. 1...(more)

I thought the most difficult loss for public transit would be felt in the reduction of write-offs for bonds used to finance capital projects. Maybe that was not in the final tax bill.


Bay Area needs BART to be a 100-percent reliable, world-class agency

By Tom Terrill : insidebayarea – excpert

As Bay Area transportation officials announce contingency plans in the event of a BART strike as soon as Oct. 11, and a mandated 60-day cooling off period between BART labor and management wanes, the situation remains frustrating for members of the public caught in the middle.
There has never been greater need for agreement on a long-term vision for transportation infrastructure in the Bay Area.
While specific deal points are difficult for any third party to evaluate, major issues at stake are a balancing of fair pay and benefits against the need to protect capital improvement funds for purchases of new BART cars, system safety, expansion of service and improved reliability… (more)