Parking suggestions for Potrero Hill and Dogpatch

Comment on : Stop Parking Meter Installation of Potrero Hill

How about this thought to help alleviate the situation: It’s time for Joint Powers Board (CalTrain) to take back their property on Iowa Street (23rd to 25th) from their tenant who is making noise & pollution and harboring people who live their and, I suspect, make nightly raids on cars with interesting-looking stuff left visible on their seats.

One: The proper use of that space might be a CalTrains parking lot, like they have at stations all along the Peninsula, where they charge a few bucks a day for commuter – riders parking there while at work, or whatever.

Two: Have MTA install two or three-hour parking limitation on surrounding streets, so commuters are motivated to use that lot.

I turned a petition into the MTA some months ago, signed by those wanting Indiana Street (23rd to 25th) to be parking time controlled–ought to check in with the City to find out if we’ll get a hearing to advocate for this change.

We have no knowledge about this particular property, but the idea of CalTrain other public transit services providing parking for their riders is a suggestion we support, and the kind of plan San Francisco officials should embrace as a balanced transit approach instead of the biased approach taken by the SFMTA.