Central Subway Boondoggle: Keeping up the Fight!

savemuni.com – excerpt

Because of the Congressional process, the new Appropriations Continuing Resolution did not include House Amendments—such as the Amendment to prohibit funding for the Central Subway.  This deal, cut by the House, Senate & White House, continues transportation funding for six months.  Although SaveMuni.com is continuing to lobby Washington, the Federal Transit Administration is prepared to grant funding for the Central Subway—despite pending litigation and growing opposition.

But SaveMuni.com is continuing to fight.  Throughout San Francisco’s history, San Franciscans have battled to stop bad projects to save the soul of the City.  Confronting the power of the state, average citizens have stopped freeway construction in mid-flight, saved the Bay, preserved the waterfront, historic resources, affordability, diversity, neighborhoods and San Francisco’s uniqueness, character and economic underpinnings.  We’ll keep you apprised of next steps.  Meanwhile, your voice is important.  See what you can do at the end of this communication…

The Central Subway worsens transportation within San Francisco and disconnects Market Street’s BART/ Metro Stations—for hundreds of thousands of local and regional riders.  The project has falsified data, concealing elimination of the existing T-Line’s loop into the Market Street corridor.  The Central Subway is draining hundreds of millions of dollars from the citywide Muni system—causing service cuts, increased fares/ fees/ fines/ meters, crumbling infrastructure, perpetual budget deficits….. Reviled by diverse opposition and litigation, the Central Subway is the major obstacle to creating a world-class public transit system—quickly and cheaply…

Tell them your name.  Ask them to count you as opposed to the Central Subway—wanting state/ local funds spent to improve Muni now!

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
Phone:  (202)-225-4965
Phone:  (415)-556-4862

Senator Dianne Feinstein
Phone:  (202)-224-3841
Phone:  (415)-393-0707
FAX:     (202)-228-3954

Congresswoman Jackie Speier
Phone:  (202)-225-3531
Phone:  (650)-342-0300
FAX:      (202)-226-4183

Senator Barbara Boxer
Phone:  (202)-224-3553
Phone:  (510)-286-8537
FAX:     (202)-224-0454

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