Ed Reiskin Refuses to Comply with the SFMTA Citizens Advisory Council, So Let’s Run a Trial on Masonic Ourselves

sfcitizen – excerpt

Here’s the Citizens Advisory Council’s recommendation that Ed Reiskin, operator of America’s slowest and least efficient big-city transit system, has refused:

“Motion 140122.01 – The SFMTA CAC recommends that the peak hour restrictions be repealed on Masonic Avenue between Geary and Fell Streets, with the objective to measure traffic impacts on the 43 Masonic prior to the implementation of the Masonic Avenue street design project.”

Why did he do that? Well, because a “success” for him is the SFMTA spending the money it’s been given to spend. So why should he do anything to interfere with that when he’s in the red zone already?

Anywho, you can read what he has to say about a test-run after the jump.

In view of this, let’s run a Masonic “streetscape” trial of our own, shall we?

Let’s start here, northbound, on the 3000 foot stretch of Masonic that will soon be changed: … (more)

Citizen’s group eyes motorists to make up SFMTA’s budget deficit

By: Will Reisman, SF Examiner
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s board of directors still has to decide on how it will make up the agency’s upcoming two-year budget deficit of $53.2 million, but a citizen’s group that advises the board has already made its stance clear: go after motorists.

The SFMTA’s Citizens’ Advisory Council, a group that offers non-binding recommendations for the agency, has issued its top priorities to make up the budget deficit.

CAC agenda: meeting tonight Looks like they decided prior to the meeting to make these recomendations.