Another pedestrian breaks leg on yellow curbside bumps

By Gary Richards, Roadshow : mercurynews – excerpt

This is a response to your article about people slipping on those yellow buttons at crosswalks. On Feb. 26 at around 7 a.m. I was heading to work at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation when I slipped on the yellow sidewalk bumps and fractured both my tibia and fibula…

This is the second such incident reported to Roadshow where a person slipped like this and broke their leg. Keith says he is considering filing a claim against Palo Alto.

These are “truncated domes,” which are typically located at the bottom of curb ramps and have been required by federal law since 1991 to give warning to the visually impaired that they are leaving the sidewalk and entering the street. Their design is stipulated to include traction-enhancing features on the top of each dome to minimize slipping… (more)

The design is obviously flawed because hundreds of people fall on them. Even some bikes go down. Another dumb idea that got sold to the government that needs to go.

Most Dangerous intersection on 17th and Potrero Avenue

Most dangerous inersection

Most dangerous intersection

I have witnessed cars in the wrong lane so frequently here, that I cannot believe there are not more accidents. This was the fourth or fifth time I have seen this behavior. It happens day and night, regardless of the sun. It seems that the solid white line of the line that separate the facing traffic lane.
On closer inspection, it appears that for some reason, there are broken white lines at the East end of the block along the bike path. The yellow lines separating the two facing lanes are fairly widely spaced apart. That might be the problem. Will try to get some new photos tomorrow to add to this article. Maybe we just need a new paint job to fix the problem.