How a $900 parking citation became a $25,000 federal lawsuit against SF

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Two San Francisco residents, one of whom is disabled, are furious with what they see as an unjust parking ticket, and they have taken their complaint to federal court.

The lawsuit — which was served Sept. 12 to The City, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and one of its citation review officers, and the Police Department, its chief and the officer who issued the citation — claims the Feb. 16 parking ticket was unlawful.

Although the fine has been greatly reduced, the plaintiffs have decided to press on with their complaint… (more)

San Francisco May Elimate Free Disabled Parking Due To Abuse Of Blue Placards

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — San Francisco is considering a major policy plan that would eliminate free parking for drivers who use disabled placards.

Abuse of the placards by able-bodied people is making it hard for handicapped drivers to find parking.

San Francisco has 28,000 street parking spaces and more than 60,000 disabled placards.

“There is a systemic issue throughout the state…we need to address to make sure medical providers only provide these placards to people who actually have disabilities,” said Supervisor Scott Weiner.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is working on a new policy. Supervisor Weiner said he’s not too keen on charging the disabled.

“We have to be careful, because there are a lot of people with disabilities who rely on these disabled parking placards,” said Weiner. “It’s really their lifeline.”

Disabled advocate Bob Plant supports the change. “The DMV needs to do better in educating people who get a blue placard,” said Plant. “You don’t loan it to your neighbor, or your son… period.”… (more)

This was not such a problem until SFMTA started eliminating parking spots all over the city. Restore public parking and the abuse will go away.


Stunning turn toward charging for disabled parking