Candidates for District 5 supe debate

By Rachel Gordon : SFGate – excerpt

The battle for supervisor in San Francisco’s famously liberal District Five enclave that includes the Haight-Ashbury has the candidates scrambling for the title of most progressive.
That much was clear last week in the political season’s first District Five debate leading up to the Nov. 6 election.

There, in the packed basement meeting room of the Park Branch Library, the eight hopefuls talked up their support for rent control, bike lanes, access to medical marijuana and the use of community policing and social services to combat crime.
Hold up the proposed massive California Pacific Medical Center development until there’s a long-term commitment to keep St. Luke’s Hospital open? Check. Keep chain stores from moving in? Steer more funding into the struggling Muni transit system? Check and check.
Only one candidate who took the microphone, political unknown Daniel Everett, strayed from the pack when he seemed to pivot just about every issue toward his plea for more parking and fewer meters – a position that drew a smattering of hisses and chuckles from the otherwise cordial crowd.

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