SF D5 supervisor candidates split on transit issues

By Matthew S. Bajko : bear – excerpt

The two leading candidates in San Francisco’s heated contest for the District 5 supervisor seat both are vocal critics of the city’s mass transit system and its less-than-stellar service in the Haight, Cole Valley, and Fillmore neighborhoods.

In separate editorial board meetings with the Bay Area Reporter this month, both Supervisor Vallie Brown and tenants rights activist Dean Preston told of waiting at Muni stops and being unable to board either a cramped bus or packed N-Judah subway car headed toward downtown. They both related how their fellow stranded passengers resorted to taking private transit options instead…(more)

Crisis in San Francisco – “There’s Only Parking, Everywhere”

Dearest District 5 – excerpt

There’s a real crisis in San Francisco and you see it every day.  There’s only parking, everywhere.  Look around and you’ll see people’s home/apartment garages, private garages, city owned parking garages, street parking and once and a while, metered parking.  While it may appear that there’s parking on virtually every street in San  Francisco and in every dwelling in upwards of a million spaces, the city desperately needs more.

While some will argue that parking is a net loss for a city, Dearest District 5 knows better than those fools, even if I don’t have any relevant degree or training in urban planning.  San Francisco’s 40% vehicle infrastructure simply isn’t enough!  And the disgustingly small amount of parking (1.5 square miles of San Francisco’s 7 square miles of land).  Parking, as everyone knows, is a renewable resource and needs to continue to grow in a city that is not expanding.

The SFMTA has been relentless in it’s assault on parking, and instead of installing MORE parking spaces, they try to manage supply and demands with metered parking!  Everyone knows it’s our god-given right to only pay for where we live, eat, purchase goods, be entertained, but NOT to park on the streets!  And even while prices increase on virtually everything in the city, an annual fee of 100 dollars for a parking permit seems like a sensible approach to mitigating a god given right to store a car in a city.

More More More!!! … (more)

A petition against MTA’s anti-car policies

District5diary – excerpt

A petition from Eastern Neighborhoods United Front (ENUF):

San Francisco voters approved Prop E and the creation of SFMTA to do two things: fix the Muni and balance the Muni budget. Neither of these goals has been met.

San Francisco taxpayers have had enough of the parking policies enacted by the SFMTA. Making parking more difficult is not an acceptable method to control traffic congestion and finance Muni.

We do not trust a public transit agency that has no realistic vision of the streets of San Francisco, only plans for its budget, refuses to respond to the needs of the citizens who live and work here now, and piles on more public debt to finance a new controversial system before fixing the one the public relies on.

San Francisco needs a balanced, unbiased, public transportation agency that works for everyone.

I have created a petition to Mayor Lee and the Board of Supervisors that says:

As residents and taxpayers of San Francisco we believe that the SFMTA’s first and foremost responsibility is to improve MUNI and to make MUNI a more desirable means of transportation. It is not SFMTA’s job to make owning and driving a motor vehicle more expensive and difficult.

The SFMTA needs to be accountable to all the citizens of San Francisco. We need a balanced, unbiased municipal transportation policy.

We respectfully request that the Mayor and District Supervisors immediately stop the SFMTA from:

1. Installing new parking meters and extending the hours of enforcement
2. Enforcing Sunday parking meters
3. Increasing meter rates, fees and fines

Will you sign this petition? Click here.


Thanks to District 5 Diary for helping us spread the work about the survey and the petition to Stop SFMTA. This is an important district in the upcoming Supervisor election. Who will support the drivers in our fight with SFMTA?

I was in the Panhandle yesterday and noticed that there appear to be two bicycle paths through the park. Why would the SFMTA want to put bicycle paths on the major thoroughfares that are Fell and Oak when they already have existing paths that cyclists use? They still have to stop at the same corners as the cars either way, to allow cross to traffic to pass.

This is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars which only serves the purpose of slowing down traffic. Pick slow, level streets for the cycle paths.