Meter Madness: Santa Monica Introduces New “Smart” Parking Meters – excerpted

Santa Monica, California is introducing new technology to end the practice of drivers using minutes remaining on parking meters from the prior cars. New meters use internet connections and sensors buried in the asphalt to wipe out remaining time once a car leaves the parking space. It seems a bit unfair. The city was paid to rent the space and I think I should be allowed to hand over my time to another citizen — after all I paid for the rental and could remain in the spot for the full duration… (more)

Rumor has it our SFMTA is considering bringing this system – resetting the meter to zero when a car leaves a parking spot – to San Francisco. Tell them what you think about that.

To Reset or Not to Reset…
We should remember one other thing: When we change to a pay-by-credit-card meter, most people pay the maximum anyway, whether they plan to stay the maximum time or not. Revenue skyrockets for cities because of this… If a city is so financially tapped out that every little bit needs to be wrung out of the citizenry, isn’t something else wrong? When parking policy becomes a “tax,” instead of a way to affect behavior, are we moving in the right or wrong direction?