SFMTA Hikes Fees And Fines For Muni And Parking Starting July 1

By Barbara Taylor : cbslocal.com – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — In order to keep up with rising costs, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will impose new prices for fares, fees and fines starting July 1… (more)

Just like the SFMTA hiking Muni fares, fees and fines as the impending BART strike threatens to disrupt bay area transit systems, sending more people to their cars.

San Francisco’s meter madness: No quarter given

San Francisco Business Times – excerpt

With too many vehicles and too little space, San Francisco clearly needs good policies on transit, transportation and parking. The problem comes when ideological vehicles are given the right of way, and reality is forced to pull over.
That’s in danger of happening as the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency resumes plans for a wholesale reordering of street parking, most notably by adding thousands of meters to what are currently “free” parking spaces, and extending to as late as 10 p.m. the hours during which meters must be fed…


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