Central Subway Is Almost A Year Behind Schedule

: sfist – excerpt

All of San Francisco has been anxiously awaiting the completion of the $1.6 billion Central Subway, and the agonizing construction required to build it. But we’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer. Somewhere in heaven, Rose Pak is rolling her eyes.

The San Francisco Examiner brings us the disappointing news that the Central Subway project is projecting a 10-month delay and no one is willing to fess up to exactly why. Again, if Chinatown power broker, Central Subway enthusiast, and low-key world leader Rose Pak were still among the living, it’d already be open.

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While a bunch of hard hats argue over who screwed up some pieces of paper, businesses are suffering because a bunch of jack-hammers are blocking their entrances, and everyone else is suffering because construction results in road closures and traffic delays and loud noise and dust. Construction on the Central Subway began in 1783 2012 and was expected to be completed on December 26, 2018. As of the most recent Project Management Oversight Committee monthly report on San Francisco’s albatross, the Central Subway will open on or around November 14, 2019…

If and when it is ever completed, the Central Subway will connect Chinatown with BART and a network of Muni subways. It will also solve world hunger and cure cancer… (more)

The Central Subway is a prime example of San Francisco’s new disruptive architectural form I call “restructionism”. The possibilities are endless. There is no beginning, only an endless effort to keep the project afloat for as long as possible. The artist is in a constant state of frenzied confusion, while everyone tries to guess the next move so they can get out of the way. As some have observed that is a billion-dollars-a-mile tunnel and counting.

San Francisco’s Central Subway Gets Delayed In Chinatown (includes video)


Highway 37 may finally stop flooding under new CHP plan

By Michael Bodley : sfgate – excerpt

Highway 37, the flood-prone thoroughfare in Marin County, should soon be more dry, more often, police said Monday.

The seemingly constantly closed stretch of the road in Novato, between Atherton Avenue and Highway 101, will get a long-awaited upgrade this week, according to the California Highway Patrol. It’ll get taller.

Construction crews contracted by the CHP were starting to work around-the-clock to pile up new asphalt and raise the road Monday afternoon, officials said. The marshes that line both side of the highway have repeatedly overflowed with water over the last several weeks, spilling over onto the roadway.

The bump in height should help avoid that, officials said. But the construction, fast-tracked to ideally be wrapped up before the next bout of rain storms hit the Bay Area later this week, has closed the road once more… (more)

Do we have to wait for a disaster to get something fixed? It looks the officials are finally ready to do something about the major roads that have been flooding for decades. Let’s hope they stay with it this time and do some major needed repairs.

San Francisco, FEMA Differ on How $5 Million Anti-Terror Grant Ended Up in the Ground

By Joe Eskenazi : SFWeekly – excerpt

Last month, the Chronicle published an eye-opening story alleging Muni squandered $37 million in anti-terror grants on cameras it largely wasn’t using. Perhaps the most jarring allegation, however, is one that Muni quickly copped to — it shunted $5 million in federal anti-terror money to rail repairs
When asked how permission was obtained to put $5 million of anti-terror funding into the ground, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency spokesman Paul Rose was paraphrased as stating “the feds” signed off on the deal. When asked by SF Weekly, however, which branch of the federal government approved this deal and what documentation exists, Rose said tha it’s all uncertain at this time… (more)