Passionate about transit? Join the Geary Bus Rapid Transit Advisory Committee

By Sarah B. : – excerpt

The Citizens Advisory Committee provides input in refining the BRT alternatives, considering project benefits and impacts for all users of the corridor, developing mitigation strategies, and identifying a preferred alternative.
Currently the project is working on an environmental study, with the study team and other public agencies working collaboratively with the GCAC, as well as inviting public participation through community meetings.
If you’re interested in applying for the open position on the Citizens Advisory Committee, visit for more information and download the application form. Applicants from neighborhoods along the Geary corridor are particularly encouraged to apply. The application deadline is October 24 at 5pm…  (more)

More Cars = Less Congestion? Supes Grill CPMC’s Perplexing Traffic Analysis

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

How can more cars relieve congestion at an intersection?…

Scrutinizing the traffic impacts predicted in the EIR, supervisors grilled Planning Department staff over the perplexing finding that congestion at two intersections would actually be reduced, despite additional vehicle traffic…