Night Business: Warning Parties Create Roadblocks for Late-Night Transit

By Rachel Swan: sfweekly – excerpt

When Supervisor Scott Wiener called for a Late Night Transportation Working Group to address the dearth of transportation options for people working graveyard shifts, he envisioned a motley battalion coming together for a noble cause. Labor organizers, cab drivers, car-hire services, public transit agencies, and nightlife employers all have a vested interest in San Franciscans having a safe way home after dark, he thought. And surely they can agree on ways to accomplish that.

But setting up a task force in a sphere as balkanized as transportation might be a tall order. Wiener found that out the hard way, when he convened the first meeting of the disparate interest groups on April 14. He’d invited representatives from all the major transit lines and the app-based Transportation Network Companies. He’d asked the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to invite drivers and managers of cab companies.

The meeting quickly devolved into bickering over who gets to make decisions and dispense resources in a highly cutthroat market. Wiener had essentially called upon feudal warlords to broker a government peace negotiation… (more)

Expanding taxis and shuttles and allowing private vehicles to use Muni-only lanes after rush hour is the least expensive way to increase transit after hours, but cost and public safety is not a consideration when your number one goal is to force cars off the street, so no doubt the only solution they will consider will costs the city more money.

“Let’s take a hard look at late night transit options” Says Supe, Forms Working Group

Sasha Lekach : Bay City News – excerpt

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced a resolution at this afternoon’s Board of Supervisors meeting to form a late night transportation working group that will create a plan to improve after-hours public transit in the region.

Earlier this month, Wiener convened a hearing at the Board of Supervisors’ Land Use and Economic Development Committee with select city agencies, entertainment and nightlife advocates, transportation officials as well as late night and early morning workers and employers to discuss the apparent dearth of late travel options.

Wiener has called for better and safer after-hours service, especially since BART and the San Francisco Municipal Railway do not run 24 hours.

He said there are limited public transit options for late night workers and residents and visitors leaving bars and other nightlife venues.

The supervisor said after the hearing it was determined that economical options such as transbay bus service and Muni late night OWL service is sporadic and not well publicized for late night travelers… (more)

How much time and money will the city spend to avoid the obvious solution to the late night transportation that cost the city nothing? Private cars and cabs work fine and are the safest transportation at night.