Our SFMTA Wants to Claim It’s Increasing Parking Up at Twin Peaks, But It’s DECREASING Parking – One Simple Trick!

sfcitizen – excerpt

What the SFMTA’s Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign Project is a gonna do is get rid of these, these people from the top of Twin Peaks, particularly on busy dreaded sunny days, like this one…

Most of the tourists on top of that twin came from all the cars you can see on the left side. But all that parking is gone now, so tourists aren’t going to go to the top of Twin Peaks as much anymore.

What’s that, “good,” you say? Well OK, but why doesn’t the SFMTA just come out and say that? Instead, we get this:

Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign Project Frequently Asked Questions – April 8, 2016 version:

Will any parking be added or removed? No parking is being proposed for removal. Today, informal (illegal) parking takes place at the center of the Figure 8 and occasionally in the outer lane of the roadway. This project will formalize parking at both the center and south intersections, increasing the number of available stalls. Parking in the travel lane will no longer be possible.

So they’re not “removing parking,” they’re simply blocking cars from getting to the parking spaces? And you can’t park on the side of a highway in CA anymore, is that correct, really?

So the real answer to the question Will any parking be added or removed is:

Yes. Hell yes(more)

How to Find Free, Priceless Parking Spots Hidden in Plain Sight

By David LaBua : 7×7.com – excerpt

Dear Parking Guru,

I have a question for which I have gotten three different answers from three parking enforcement officers, and I googled for hours with no luck. I then found your 7×7 blog. You seem to be the most straightforward and knowledgeable source of all things parking. Can you please give me some advice about this parking spot on the corner of California and Mason?
In the photo is my car, the blue Jetta, underneath the cable car stop sign.
There is no paint on the curb and I’ve observed all parking signs. Nothing leads me to believe that it’s parked illegally as there isn’t any restrictive sign within 100 feet of where I am parked. But I’m still a little unsettled, as it’s next to a Cable Car Stop sign. Do you have any insight to settle my nerves? Thanks!
–  Just In Case

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San Francisco Hackathon To Focus On Improving Public Transportation

BY SARAH LAI STIRLAND : techpresident.com – excerpt

San Francisco is a laggard in the field of public transportation when compared to many other big cities of the world. Unlike Hong Kong, London or New York City, it’s often not possible to take a bus or subway to get somewhere in a timely fashion. And parking is a nightmare.
Hence many companies opt to locate themselves in the Peninsula, where employees can hop on WiFi-enabled shuttles to get to work.
San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee wants to change that, and to bring more companies back into the city. His staffers recently convened with Hattery Labs to figure out ways of making this happen. One idea they had was to arm San Franciscans with better information about their transportation options. So they’re convening a hackathon mid-October. The goal is to get 50 or so developers to create a variety of apps that will both help the city to engage in better transportion planning, to help San Franciscans to more easily plan their trips, and to better communicate how the city is fixing transportion problems.
The event is being organized by Hattery Labs, Engine Advocacy, the San Francisco Mayor’s office and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority. Other sponsors of the event include Google, Keen.io, General Assembly, and Waze.

More details about there event are available here.


Someone should come up with an app to tell you which parking spots are legal. Most drivers can’t tell by looking at the curb color or reading the signs when and if a parking spot is legal. SF needs an app for that.

Physically moving bodies through space is not a virtual problem to solve. It is a physical problem. They could possibly solve some issues by creating a proper computer system for tracking parts for there many different types of vehicles. We hear they have none. They might need a better way of scheduling the routes and a computer program might help them with that, otherwise, you pretty much need real mechanics to keep the buses moving and there is no app for that, unless you want to replace the mechanics with robots.