Neighbor Claims Mark Zuckerberg Hired People To Save Parking Spots Overnight Near His San Francisco House

 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is doing some pretty extensive renovations on his house in San Francisco, and it’s really annoying his neighbors.Round-the-clock construction work has led to disruptive noise, and no-parking signs have blocked off portions of the street, nearby residents have complained. Parking in this part of the city, near hip Dolores Park, is already notoriously difficult.

And now, according to CBS San Francisco, neighbors say they’ve noticed something else going on near Zuckerberg’s house.

According to one neighbor, pairs of people have been spotted sitting in parked cars near Zuckerberg’s house late at night. When one neighbor went to ask what they were doing, several of the people said that they had been hired by the Facebook billionaire to save parking spots for construction workers who would be arriving in the morning… (more)

Do we need any more proof that the privileged few are taking over the city? Do we accept the theory that parking is a privilege not a right? If you do not accept the privilege theory, Vote NO on A and B and Yes on L. Let City Hall know that if they don’t hold the SFMTA accountable the voters will.

Castro sidewalk construction hurting neighborhood businesses

By David Stevenson : ktvu – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO —  A plan to widen sidewalks in San Francisco’s Castro District is putting a financial squeeze on some merchants there because of reduced foot traffic and limited parking. 

Construction crews in the neighborhood are more than doubling the size of sidewalks on two blocks of Castro Street.

The goal is to make the district more pedestrian friendly, especially in time for gay pride weekend in June when an additional one million people are expected to flood the city.

Castro Street merchants on Friday told KTVU they appreciate the work being done by the city and construction crews but said many tourists and residents are now avoiding the area.

Gyro Xpress owner Koch Salgut said sales have dropped 60 percent since March when the construction narrowed the sidewalks and made street parking disappear… (more)

Any guesses as to how many of these businesses will survive after the rents go up in the neighborhood? Slowing down a major thoroughfare through a dense neighborhood will slow down response times for emergency vehicles as well.

Parking Wars: All-Day Parking Will Probably Become Two-Hour Parking by June

By Staff Writer: : – excerpt

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) is considering holding a public hearing on Friday, May 17 to review recommendations for changing the parking scheme on the streets around campus.
If the tentative hearing indeed takes place on May 17, a follow-up SFMTA board meeting would likely be scheduled for Tuesday, June 18. According to Paul Rose, press officer for the city agency that oversees parking, traffic, and transportation planning in San Francisco, these new measures may be passed. The board’s approval in June could mean that all-day parking would be gone by the end of summer 2013… (more)

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Motion 120911.01 – update

Motion 120911.01 – The SFMTA CAC recommends that sidewalk parking laws be enforced not just against cars that leave less than four feet of direct-line travel room for pedestrians, but additionally against any car being more than one foot into the sidewalk…  (more)

We think is what we think this rule may mean…

No Tall Cars Allowed… But Why?

BY MATT FULLER, GRI : – excerpt

I was recently previewing a property in Noe Valley and saw the rather curious photo that you see below. It’s located on a residential street, on a hill, but not a particularly steep hill. So I’m hoping someone can explain to me why parking a vehicle over 6 feet high is prohibited on this particular block?

Did the neighbors rally city hall for a street sign so that the view from their front windows wouldn’t be blocked? Was there once an industrial company or business in the neighborhood that had really big vehicles parked on the street? Was it once a popular spot for tourist buses to park?

I’ve seen plenty of goofy street signs in San Francisco, including the current changes to street sign lettering in San Francisco. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a street sign that prohibits the parking of a moderately tall vehicle on a residential street…


Parking Quiz Answer! When Is It Safe to Re-Park on the Same Block?

You park in a spot with a sign posted that says,  2-Hour Limit, M-F,  9 am to 7 pm.  It’s 9 am.  You move your car at 11am to another block. When are you safe to park on the original block again without fear of getting a ticket?

A) After 1 pm
B) After 4 hours
C) After 7 pm
D) After your odometer has moved one tenth of a mile
E) After Midnight

The Answer is C) After 7 pm


Had ENUF? If you are tired of playing the parking games in San Francisco, and tired of the mess the SFMTA is making of the streets, join us at Take back our streets.