SFpark – Brilliant or Boondoggle?

By John Van Horn : parkingtoday.com – excerpt

Did you know that SFpark, San Francisco’s much ballyhooed new high-tech parking program is a test? It is a multimillion-dollar 18-month-long program that will end in December, and then … who knows?…
The key to this data collection is the sensor, which is a hockey puck-style device located at each space, and therein lies part of the tale. The sensors have been problematic from day one…
SFpark is not self-funding. The SFMTA needs the parking revenue generated in San Francisco to support its various transportation projects. (more)

The author found a a $6 million shortfall in revenue from the city’s garages since SFPark’s programs were initiated in them. We wrote a letter of appreciation to John, who is looking for feedback on SFPark’s operation.
Let’s give him feedback.

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