Resolution: Let’s all be nicer on San Francisco streets

By Heather Knight : sfgate – excerpt

You’ve likely made some personal New Year’s resolutions already. Hit the gym more often. Lay off the cronuts. Never, ever watch MTV‘s new “The Real World: Ex-Plosion,” even if it is set in San Francisco.

But how about a citywide resolution? May we humbly suggest an important one: However you traverse the city’s streets – be it in a car, on a bicycle or using your own two feet – calm down. Look around. Pay attention. Be considerate… (more)

We are pleased to see that the politicians are starting to pay attention to the animosity between people that is leading to bad behavior and bad reactions to that behavior. Too much stress over traffic jams and disappearing parking spots is leading to conflicts between motor vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians. We agree. Everyone needs to calm down. We are feeling a lot calmer now that our city officials are listening to us. The Supervisors stopped the expansion on parking meters and the Mayor wants to stop charging for Sunday parking. Just knowing that our voices are heard relieves some of the stress and has a calming effect.
I am ready to live and let live. Now let’s stop the programs for eliminating parking and traffic lanes and I will be really calm and friendly.

Transportation board picks new exec

Michael Cabanatuan, Jill Tucker : sfgate – excerpt

A deeply split San Francisco County Transportation Authority board, also known as the Board of Supervisors, chose a new executive director after a closed session that concluded months of meetings and leaves lots of questions.
Supervisor John Avalos, chairman of the board, announced Tuesday only the selection of an unnamed primary candidate, but it’s Tilly Chang, deputy director of the authority formerly headed by Jose Luis Moscovich, who retired in November.
Not selected was Sonali Bose, finance director for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. The board voted 11-0 to back her as the secondary candidate. Bose reportedly had four or five backers for the position. A third finalist was Stephanie Wiggins of the Orange County Transportation Authority.
But will the new chief continue the status quo of butting heads over transportation planning with the Municipal Transportation Agency? Or will the two agencies hold hands, sing you-know-what and work together to improve the city’s transportation system?
And does the vote signal a major split among supervisors on transportation? The authority, which oversees spending of transportation sales tax revenues and does some planning and project delivery, is the supervisors’ only chance to directly influence transportation policy. The MTA board is appointed solely by the mayor and doesn’t have to answer to the supervisors…
Board members, er, Supervisors Avalos, David Campos, David Chiu, Jane Kim, Eric Mar and Norman Yee voted for Chang, with London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang and Scott Wiener voting against her appointment… (more)

City – SFMTA, Board appointed by the Mayor

County – SFCTA, Board controlled by Supervisors

Let your Supervisors know what you want them to do with your tax dollars and when they should deny funds to the SFMTA.

A petition against MTA’s anti-car policies

District5diary – excerpt

A petition from Eastern Neighborhoods United Front (ENUF):

San Francisco voters approved Prop E and the creation of SFMTA to do two things: fix the Muni and balance the Muni budget. Neither of these goals has been met.

San Francisco taxpayers have had enough of the parking policies enacted by the SFMTA. Making parking more difficult is not an acceptable method to control traffic congestion and finance Muni.

We do not trust a public transit agency that has no realistic vision of the streets of San Francisco, only plans for its budget, refuses to respond to the needs of the citizens who live and work here now, and piles on more public debt to finance a new controversial system before fixing the one the public relies on.

San Francisco needs a balanced, unbiased, public transportation agency that works for everyone.

I have created a petition to Mayor Lee and the Board of Supervisors that says:

As residents and taxpayers of San Francisco we believe that the SFMTA’s first and foremost responsibility is to improve MUNI and to make MUNI a more desirable means of transportation. It is not SFMTA’s job to make owning and driving a motor vehicle more expensive and difficult.

The SFMTA needs to be accountable to all the citizens of San Francisco. We need a balanced, unbiased municipal transportation policy.

We respectfully request that the Mayor and District Supervisors immediately stop the SFMTA from:

1. Installing new parking meters and extending the hours of enforcement
2. Enforcing Sunday parking meters
3. Increasing meter rates, fees and fines

Will you sign this petition? Click here.


Thanks to District 5 Diary for helping us spread the work about the survey and the petition to Stop SFMTA. This is an important district in the upcoming Supervisor election. Who will support the drivers in our fight with SFMTA?

I was in the Panhandle yesterday and noticed that there appear to be two bicycle paths through the park. Why would the SFMTA want to put bicycle paths on the major thoroughfares that are Fell and Oak when they already have existing paths that cyclists use? They still have to stop at the same corners as the cars either way, to allow cross to traffic to pass.

This is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars which only serves the purpose of slowing down traffic. Pick slow, level streets for the cycle paths.