Increased advertising on Muni buses approved despite criticism

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

The number of Muni buses that can legally have wraparound advertisements was doubled by San Francisco supervisors Tuesday, despite objections that the banners would degrade rider experience.

After about a half-hour of debate, the Board of Supervisors voted 6-5 to approve a 15-year contract with Titan Outdoor LLC. The agreement includes a controversial provision that increases the number of permitted advertising wraps, the type of banners that cover the entirety of a bus including its windows, from 15 buses to 30 at any given time. The wraps are most popular between September and December. The contract initially allowed digital ads, but that provision was removed.. (more)

Muni Is Both Smearing for Uber and Shilling for it

It turns out the SFMTA, which has publicly objected to the new car-hire apps in ongoing proceedings before the California Public Utilities Commission, is now running uberX ads on Muni buses. This morning local blogger SF Citizen posted photographs of the gleaming placards, which promoted a “better, faster, and cheaper” service than SFMTA’s regular taxis.
So who gave the greenlight on that one?
Muni did… (more)

That sounds about right. Insanity rules at the SFMTA. Supporting “their” Taxis and Taxi competitors at the same time. Is that like shooting yourself in the foot because the shoe is too tight?

SF Jewish Community Center condemns ‘anti-Muslim’ MUNI bus ads

By Brett Wilkins : – excerpt

San Francisco – Pro-Israel advertisements placed on San Francisco MUNI buses by an Islamophobic group have raised eyebrows and ire in this famously progressive city, and a leading local Jewish group has called for the removal of the “anti-Muslim” ads.
The ad, placed on a number of MUNI buses, reads:
“We urge all transit authorities to reassess their policies and to construct advertising policies consistent with laws governing protected speech that preserve public transit as a safe place for all passengers,” the statement (released by Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.) added…


Pro-Israel Muni Ads Spark Controversy