WE WON!!! Voters axed 8 Washington. Preservationists win.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who worked on the NO on B and C campaign. The Waterfront Alliance got the go-ahead to fight to protect the waterfront.
ENUF supporters won almost all our other issues this week.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Tell the Supervisors what you want. They are not supporting every request the SFMTA sends them. We all said “NO” to the purchase of more smart meters and expansion of parking meters in our neighborhoods and they heard us. The city is trying to convince us to except the Eastern Neighborhood plan with dense housing along “rich transit”corridors that do not exist and the neighborhoods are fighting back.

“transit rich corridor” : There is no legal definition for “transit rich corridor” yet SFMTA repeatedly uses that designation to justify removal of traffic lanes and parking on all our public streets, including the most heavily major connections to highways used such as:
Potrero, Cesar Chavez, Van Ness, Masonic, and 19th Ave, to name a few. They have already decided to remove cars from Market Street and created gridlock in most of the downtown area.

NE Mission demands a comprehensive plan like we were promised, and some supervisors are conducting hearings into the lack of comprehensive plans. Support them by attending the hearings and voicing your opinions. If you can’t make it the meetings and hearings, write letters.

MTA seeking public input at hearing November 1, 20313 on Ordinance 5176, adopted October 18, 2013.


Blocks with proposed parking meters: These meters will have a rate of $0.50 per hour, will have no time limit, and will operate Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sundays from 12pm to 6pm.

Coming soon (public hearing scheduled Nov 1, City Hall Room 416, at 10 am)

  • 18th Street, north side, between Alabama Street and Florida Street
  • Alabama Street, east side, from 18th Street to 120 feet northerly
  • Florida Street, east side, between 18th Street and Mariposa Street
  • Florida Street, east side, from Mariposa Street to 95 feet northerly
  • Mariposa Street, north side, between Bryant Street and Florida Street

To be considered this winter

  • Harrison Street, east side, between 16th Street and 17th Street
  • 17th Street, north side, between Folsom Street and Shotwell Street
  • Folsom Street, west side, from 17th Street to 275 feet northerly
  • Southwest corner of 17th and Shotwell
  • 18th Street, south side, between Shotwell Street and Harrison Street
  • South Van Ness, east side, between 16th Street and 17th Street
  • Shotwell, east side, from 18th Street to 270 feet southerly
  • Folsom Street, west side, from 18th Street to 270 feet southerly


MTA announced a hearing on Ordinance 5176, adopted October 18, 2013 by posting a few flyers on poles. This is how they invite public input?

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Tonight (March 21) was full of miracles!

Letter from Sylvia, who spoke out at the NE Mission Meeting

My sincere thanks and appreciation to ENUF for keeping all of us on the same page!.

Tonight (March 21) was full of miracles!

Residents, neighboring community activists, neighborhood small business owners, families and friends came together to defend and preserve our San Francisco way of life from the SFMTA’s sustainable streets staff and their highly paid consultants.

Although their highly paid consultants tried to convince us to believe their incredibly well written piece of fiction as Reality(?) it was overwhelmingly rejected as truth by 93% of those in attendance.

Even Supervisor Campos and his aides clearly saw that we were not going to buy the lie!

I tell everyone to take the time to follow the money as to who really stands to benefit from all this proposed madness.

The miracle that occurred was that all stakeholders, small business owners, their employees, friends, residents, neighbors, families, neighboring Polk Street business owners and activists came together and bonded in this fight against a social and economic cleansing of our working class neighborhoods by the SFMTA dictating to us how our quality of life will now be redesigned!

It now seems that City and County department staff feel empowered to dictate to us how we will live without being asked to do so!

We are the taxpayers who pay their salaries to do what we want them to do. They are our civil servants, not the other way around.  Civil servants are here for your service – not the other way around.

We all must all join and support each other in keeping our way of life that truly benefits the neighborhood and small business owners to avoid being economically run out of town. We must take over our communities so that we all can live as supportive and caring neighbors. This is not a fantasy – it happened tonight!

We need to gather together and discuss strategy before taking further action to defend our

present way of living. We all need each other to make this happen

To that end, I encourage everyone to keep in communication through SF ENUF.

ENUF is indeed a blessing to the San Francisco community. You questioned who really was being called to the table to discuss these proposed plans and the process. You asked who were the gatekeepers and how they stood to benefit from all this. One answer is the SF Bike Coalition – it is alleged that they are being paid by SFMTA as their consultants????  Conflict of interest?  You wonder why so many bike lanes??

Bikers should be licensed and ticketed just like car owners!

I am copying everyone who was generous enough to give me their contact information so that we all may continue to be in full communication.

Thank you all for letting me be part of a great event where many people stood up and fought against being thrown under the bus for the sake of corporate greed – remember – follow the money!!!


Thanks. I was struck by the fact that I heard no mention of Muni or the pubic transit system at the meeting by either the public or SFMTA staff. This is pretty appalling given that SFMTA is supposed to be championing pubic transportation, not designing streets and disrupting traffic. This is what is wrong with Muni. The SFMTA and the public have given up on it.

This is why ENUF is calling for a moratorium on all non-Muni expenditures until the Muni is fixed and functioning. Take the billions of dollars that are going to bike lanes and street closures and FIX THE MUNI FIRST.

We don’t need a $5 million dollar party for a bridge that everyone will hate the next time they get caught in a traffic jam on it. We need reliable public transportation for those who need it.

Revised parking approach to Northeast Mission still draws the ire of residents

By Will Reisman :  SFExaminer – excerpt

A revised plan for the Northeast Mission neighborhood makes acquiring a residential parking permit easier, but business groups and community members say the proposal, which would also add meters, does not address their needs.
In late 2011, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which manages parking in The City, introduced a plan to install hundreds of meters in the neighborhood, which has a high concentration of light-industry businesses. The plan drew heavy criticism, prompting the agency to temporarily shelve the project.
The agency reintroduced the plan this month, adding new elements that would allow all residents in the neighborhood to apply for residential parking permits. Usually, those permits are available only for residents on specifically zoned streets.
The plan does still include the proposal to install parking meters on dozens of blocks in the area.
Since the majority of the businesses in the area are what are called production, distribution and repair stores that do not rely on parking turnover, the meters would be of no use to them, according to Doug MacNeil, president of the Northeast Mission Business Association…
Supervisor David Campos, whose district includes the Northeast Mission, said there are some elements of the parking proposal that he likes, but he disagrees with the agency’s plans to install meters in front of some of the businesses.
“This plan doesn’t properly address the needs of these establishments,” said Campos, who favors the hybrid parking approach championed by Kelly. “At a time when we’re trying to attract more [production, distribution and repair] businesses, this proposal hurts them.”… (more)

Supervisor Campos ended the NE Mission/SFMTA March 21st meeting by stating that the timelines set by the SFMTA to coincide with the Folsom Street park opening are unrealistic given the community lack of support for their plan. He called for a more serious review of the area before moving forward with SFMTA plans,  which they admitted are a draft proposal. Given the inaccurate data the SFMTA is using, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

We are seeing a similar pattern emerging all over the city. The SFMTA was sent back to the drawing board at the end of the “Save Polk Street” meeting on Monday. Citizens all over the city are convinced that SFMTA is the problem, not the cars. They admitted they can’t fix the Muni and now they can’t seem to fix the traffic and parking problems. What do we need them for?

New Northeast Mission Parking plan Draws Heated Response/

North East Mission Coalition Parking Plan and SFMTA Parking Plans begin to merge

The next meeting: Community NE Mission / SFMTA Meeting
Thursday, March 21, 2013, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
John O’Connell High School auditorium, 2355 Folsom Street

The North East Mission Coalition is requesting:

  • Create a Preferential Parking Zone encompassing the NE Mission for both residents and businesses
  • Both businesses and residents can apply for Preferential Parking Zone permits, just like elsewhere in the city (PDR businesses could apply for a limited amount of additional permits for employees) The permits would exempt the holder from paying for parking meters within the permit zone
  • A mix of all-day meters on some primarily retail/commercial blocks, and 2 and 4 hour time limits on other blocks
  • Longer time limits with shorter enforcement hours on some blocks (ie: 4 hour parking between 9:00AM and 3:00PM)
  • Replace parking spaces that have recently been eliminated with angled parking on some streets
    Sign the NEMC Parking Plan Petition

SFMTA’s offer so far as outlined on this map:  NEM_Proposal_draft_20130314.pdf

Revised parking approach northeast mission still draws ire

SFMTA Northeast Mission Parking Planning Community Meeting 3

by Aaron Bialick : sf.streetsblog.org – excerpt
Notice of public SFMTA neighborhood meetings is on sfstreetsblog and

From SFMTA via email to sf.streetsblog.org:
At the March 21 meeting we will present a draft proposal for parking management for the Northeast Mission. The draft proposal will be posted on the project website at least a week in advance of the meeting, and we will send an email notification when that draft proposal has been posted.
If you have not yet reviewed the Northeast Mission parking data web page, please take a look – from here you can download block-level data worksheets for your own block or any block in the study area, review parking conditions and behavior observed in the neighborhood, review SFMTA’s policies and guidelines for parking management, and give comments online.
If you’d like to talk with the SFMTA parking planning team about the project, the data we have collected and shared, or anything related to parking in the Northeast Mission, please contact us in any of these ways:

Send your comments suggestions , and requests prior to the meeting. Suggest better ways of giving notice, and, if you feel the Muni service has gotten worse in the area, ask what SFMTA plans to do to improve it.

Saturday: SFMTA NE Mission Parking Planning Community Meeting


download StopSFMTA

Saturday: SFMTA NE Mission Parking Planning Community Meeting. The SFMTA will hold an open house meeting (at John O’Connell High School Auditorium, 2355 Folsom Street), to field input on its plans to install parking meters and enact permit restrictions in the northeast Mission to reduce cruising for parking. The SFMTA says its staff won’t present a proposal, but will listen to residents “talk about the streets where they live and work and play, and review issues and ideas with us.” Planners are expected to schedule a follow-up meeting with a proposal. 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

How will the staff field input on its plans if they are not presenting the plans?

The Bicycle Coalition is trying to generate a presence at this meeting, so don’t miss this chance to tell SFMTA personnel know what you need, and what you think about the Sunday parking meters.

Proposal revived to add new parking meters in eastern San Francisco neighborhoods

By: Will Reisman: sfexaminer – excerpt

Talks are beginning to start up again over a controversial plan to install 5,000 parking meters in new San Francisco neighborhoods, nearly one year after the proposal was shelved following a harsh community pushback.
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which oversees parking in The City, originally intended to install the new meters in the northeast Mission, Dogpatch, Mission Bay and Potrero Hill. Despite preliminary approval of the plan in January, the agency opted to delay installation of the meters in response to neighborhood concerns. Over the past 10 months, the agency has been collecting parking data and information about trends in the relevant neighborhoods…
Before shelving its plan, the Transportation Agency recommended adding hundreds of meters near 17th and Folsom streets, the site of a future city park. Spokesman Paul Rose said the agency will not make specific recommendations at tonight’s meeting, but the parking management plan for the neighborhood will include meters, residential permits and posted time limits…
The agency’s goal for the neighborhood is to manage parking demand and availability; improve access; and encourage the use of transit, biking and walking, Rose said. He also said that a key goal was maintaining parking availability for local businesses…
“They hold these meetings, residents rail against the plans, and they still move forward with them,” said Mari Eliza, spokesman for Eastern Neighborhoods United Front, a group… (more)

SFMTA Meeting Tonight at John O’Connell High