NE Mission won a reprieve at the hearing!

Thanks to everyone who sent letters and comments re: Order 5176. The hearing officers agreed with everyone that there is no point in rushing a decision on installing spot parking meters in our neighborhood. NOT ONE PERSON other than SFMTA staff showed up to request the meters. Three businesses said no to spot metering.

If you have not already done so and you want residential parking permits on your block, please contact us:

If you are a business, we have forms for you as well. We invite you to join one of our business groups that is working with SFMTA and Supervisor Campos to create a comprehensive parking plan for our neighborhood. One of the groups is NEMBA North East Mission Business Association

If you are in another neighborhood, we will attempt to connect you with your neighborhood group.

Revised parking approach to Northeast Mission still draws the ire of residents

By Will Reisman :  SFExaminer – excerpt

A revised plan for the Northeast Mission neighborhood makes acquiring a residential parking permit easier, but business groups and community members say the proposal, which would also add meters, does not address their needs.
In late 2011, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which manages parking in The City, introduced a plan to install hundreds of meters in the neighborhood, which has a high concentration of light-industry businesses. The plan drew heavy criticism, prompting the agency to temporarily shelve the project.
The agency reintroduced the plan this month, adding new elements that would allow all residents in the neighborhood to apply for residential parking permits. Usually, those permits are available only for residents on specifically zoned streets.
The plan does still include the proposal to install parking meters on dozens of blocks in the area.
Since the majority of the businesses in the area are what are called production, distribution and repair stores that do not rely on parking turnover, the meters would be of no use to them, according to Doug MacNeil, president of the Northeast Mission Business Association…
Supervisor David Campos, whose district includes the Northeast Mission, said there are some elements of the parking proposal that he likes, but he disagrees with the agency’s plans to install meters in front of some of the businesses.
“This plan doesn’t properly address the needs of these establishments,” said Campos, who favors the hybrid parking approach championed by Kelly. “At a time when we’re trying to attract more [production, distribution and repair] businesses, this proposal hurts them.”… (more)

Supervisor Campos ended the NE Mission/SFMTA March 21st meeting by stating that the timelines set by the SFMTA to coincide with the Folsom Street park opening are unrealistic given the community lack of support for their plan. He called for a more serious review of the area before moving forward with SFMTA plans,  which they admitted are a draft proposal. Given the inaccurate data the SFMTA is using, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

We are seeing a similar pattern emerging all over the city. The SFMTA was sent back to the drawing board at the end of the “Save Polk Street” meeting on Monday. Citizens all over the city are convinced that SFMTA is the problem, not the cars. They admitted they can’t fix the Muni and now they can’t seem to fix the traffic and parking problems. What do we need them for?

New Northeast Mission Parking plan Draws Heated Response/

Business Owners: No More Parking Meters

By: Noah Arroyo : – excerpt

Businesses in the northeast Mission have started organizing against a plan to increase the number of parking meters around 17th and Folsom streets. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will meet with the community in September to discuss its parking management plan for the area.
When Angela Sinicropi, vice president of public affairs for the Northeast Mission Business Association (NEMBA), heard about the plan to add meters, she thought to herself, “You can’t do that, you’ll put us out of business.”
SFMTA first unveiled its parking meter plan for the eastern Mission in January, but the overwhelmingly negative community response sent the agency back to the drawing board. It’s not clear at this time whether SFMTA’s new plan includes more parking meters, according to agency spokeswoman Kristen Holland…