San Francisco makes progress on parking meter upgrade

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…SFMTA plans to upgrade all 27,000 meters city-wide by early next year.

“What we’re trying to do is make parking a bit easier and a bit more convenient, which will help reduce citations throughout the city,” said Paul Rose, spokesperson, SFMTA.

The price tag of the upgrade was $15 million… (more)


No new parking meter locations allowed in SF under $51 million purchase

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Old news that bears repeating: San Francisco plans to spend $51 million to buy up to 30,000 new parking meters, but on one condition: no meter installations allowed at new locations.
All parking meters in The City – save for the “smart” meters installed in 2010 under SFPark, which track when spaces are open – are due to be replaced. (This conflicts with another article that claims the meters installed in 2010 are being replaced.)
Most of the meters are only about a decade old, but use technology that’s already outdated, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Meters that currently accept only coins will be replaced with credit-card friendly technology sometime next year.
In addition to the upgraded replacements, SFMTA had initially sought to buy an additional 10,000 meters from the San Diego-based company IPS Group… (more)

If you see any new meters going in let us know and let your supervisors know.

Supes Hamstring SFMTA’s Ability to Expand Progressive Parking Policy

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In a setback for progressive parking policy in San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors voted last week to eliminate the SFMTA’s ability to install any significant amount of new parking meters under a new five-year contract to upgrade existing meters… (more)

News that bears repeating. We are surprised at the number of people who don’t know about this. Leave it to the Bike Coalition to keep the story alive. If you haven’t already done so, thank the Supervisors.

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SFMTA RFP / option for 10,000 new parking meters / citizen opportunity to comment

Dear concerned citizen of San Francisco:
I wanted you to be aware of an important upcoming opportunity for you and your community to have a voice in the direction that our City takes with respect to the proposed installation of thousands of new parking meters.
Attached is a Request for Proposal by SFMTA which, among other things, gives SFMTA the option to purchase up to an additional 10,000 single space meters and up to 200 paystation meters (which equates to an aggregate total of something like up to 12,000 possible additional metered spaces).
These spaces, if ordered per the future contract, would be completely new and in addition to existing spaces (the RFP calls for replacement of 25,000 existing meters and 300 existing paystations).

How can you provide input to the City?: Once a company is selected and a proposed contract negotiated, it must be approved by both the SFMTA Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors.  The public should have an opportunity to comment at both of these hearings.

No matter which company is selected, you and members of your community may want SFMTA to ask where they plan to put these 12,000 future metered spaces that they are giving themselves the ability to call for.  In addition, before the existing meters are replaced, you may wish to ask the City to evaluate its current parking meter program and reform and fix problems first.
Also, since the private company Serco is the current city contractor on most or all of its parking meter contracts, it is reasonable to assume that there is good chance that Serco will be selected.  If Serco is selected, that will give a further opportunity for concerned citizens to voice concerns they may have regarding whether there are as yet uninvestigated conflicts of interest with respect to Serco employees who work at SFMTA and who help them implement parking management proposals that put new meters into the City.  Other citizens may have concerns about the actions that Serco has undertaken in other parts of the US and the world and may want those considered as well.
Below is the schedule that was in the RFP.  It contemplates that a company will be selected and a proposed contract negotiated in the very near future and that it would be brought before the SFMTA Board of Directors in May 2013 and before the Board of Supervisors in June 2013.
If you are interested in this, you and those in your community should keep track of this process and consider availing yourselves of this opportunity to have the City pause and consider its overall “parking management strategy”, including consideration of safeguards against meters in residential neighborhoods… (more)

Where is SFMTA planning to get the money for these meters? They are already looking at cutting money out of the Muni budget to pay for the Pagoda lease. Ever wonder why they never add to the Muni but only take from it?