Greed knows no bounds. Non-profits suing hand that feeds them.

Let’s see if we have this right, Mario and his non-profit friends who are funded by the government (our tax dollars) are suing said government over a CEQA review requirement. Was a CEQA review performed prior to instating Sunday meter enforcement? If not, how can there be a requirement to eliminate enforcement now?

Muni doesn’t have a money problem. SFMTA has a spending problem. They also live in a time warp. They are planning for 2030 and we are living in 2014. When things are mess now, why should we trust them to fix the future?
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How will the Dark Money Disclosure Bill SB 27 impact the future of non-profits who have been hiring lobbyists in Sacramento? How many conflicts of interests will be exposed?
They should pack up their tents and leave quietly with their winnings and leave us to fix the mess they made.

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SFMTA Position: Investigator, Taxi and Accessible Services
Posted on July 30, 2012 by Dennis Rojas
The following announcement with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is now open for filing.

JOB TITLE: 9144 Investigator, Taxi and Accessible Services
The purpose of this examination announcement is to establish an eligible list for this classification.

Please post this announcement, located at:
for all employees and prospective applicants. We appreciate and thank you for your assistance in our recruitment efforts.
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Human Resources – Merit Unit – (415) 701-5013

Looks like the SFMTA is hiring again. Where is that money coming from? We heard they were so broke they have to cut Muni service. Guess they have money for other things.