Roadshow: Back-in angled parking has its detractors

Q Thanks for starting my new year off with a laugh with the column about San Jose using back-in angled parking on Stockton Avenue. What are traffic engineers smoking? The average driver can’t parallel park, let alone drive backward between two lines. Just the extra time it takes to do this will cause nothing but backups and confusion.
Stupidity at its best.
– Claude DeMoss, San Jose

A The city of Fremont tested back-in angled parking on Capitol Avenue five years ago that failed miserably. While traffic experts insist it is a safer way to park, the experiment showed that the average driver could not accurately back into these spaces.

Said Norm-The-Fremont-Traffic-Czar: “The typical driver backs up by looking out of their back window. Depending on the visibility, this can work when you are trying to fit between two cars, but it doesn’t work if there are no cars parked to guide you. We found when you try to maneuver into a space marked by stripes, as you get close to the stripes you can’t see them out of your rear window because they fall below your field of view. Probably only 5 percent of our drivers ever thought to use their mirrors when attempting to park, so they ended up parking across the lines at all angles.”… (more)