San Francisco Deserves Sunday Free Parking

by Randy Shaw : beyondchron – excerpt

All San Franciscans should cheer Mayor Ed Lee’s plans to return to Sunday free meter parking. Meter fees are regressive, the fiscal shortfall causing the parking charges is gone, and Sunday is historically when working people take family outings. Yet two groups I normally agree with, pedestrian and bicycle advocates, oppose Lee’s plan. They want the city to keep Sunday meters and use the estimated $7 million gained to fund pedestrian safety measures. This view is divisive and shortsighted. Nickel and diming the public on Sunday parking meters is a bad idea that must end.

California progressives have learned the hard way that not all fees for government services are the same. Some very progressive and relatively small charges—like the long little noticed vehicular license fee, renamed the “Car Tax”—can result in a Governor’s recall and the installation of a Republican successor in a very blue state.

Parking meter fees are in this category… (more)

Letters: Give SF a parking break – San Francisco Examiner

SFMTA Carl Street Project Update (N Judah Shutdown) – excerpt

SFMTA is at it again! Yup that’s right, there will be another N Judah shutdown and construction in the neighborhood this weekend. I spoke with Jay Lu and Jeannette Sanchez (SFMTA Community Relations Division  about the tentative completion date of this long project. Answer: “The project…will reach substantial completion around Thanksgiving. Minor miscellaneous work will continue for two or three months after that.”…
Note: If you live on the affected streets, please consider parking your car at an off-street garage or a parking lot such as UCSF Parking Garage and Kezar Stadium on Stanyan Street.  The project will reimburse you for parking charges. Please submit your parking receipts for reimbursement to: SFMTA Carl Street Rail Replacement Project, One South Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 Attn: Ha Nguyen… (more)

Please note the SFMTA is promising reimbursement to drivers in the Carl Street Project area during construction.