Bay Area’s New Transit Station Reopens Parking Debate

By Rachel Dovey : nextcity – excerpt

It’s a classic indicator of success in California, a sign that when you built it they did indeed come (in cars). It’s the giant parking lot — whether football field-sized or rising in a multi-storied garage — and while it’s so often bestowed on retail centers, sports arenas and even churches, the question of whether it should accompany popular transit hubs is still a sticking point among many city planners.

In the East Bay city of Antioch, however, soaring ridership numbers may force consensus…

The transit agency now plans to add 700 parking spaces on another lot it owns close to the station. But if the lots continue to be packed, and commuters’ parked cars continue to line neighborhood streets, BART may reopen what the Chronicle calls a “long-standing debate … over whether building more parking is the best way to promote the use of public transit.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to divert people off the roads and onto transit rather than have them continue driving to the urban core?” Keller said, according to the paper… (more)

Build parking and people will park and ride.

SFMTA Announces Final Parking Plan for Mission Bay

By Keith Burbank : Potreroview – excerpt

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) director of transportation Ed Reiskin announced the agency’s final parking strategy for Mission Bay last month. Parking meters in the neighborhood will have either a four hour time limit, or no limit. Rates will be based on parking demand, with a minimum of $0.25 an hour charged on weekends; weekday rates will start at $1.25 per hour. SFMTA will consider turning-off meters on blocks with no demand. During baseball games and special events at AT&T Park, meter rates will start at either $5 or $7 per hour, depending on the meter’s proximity to the stadium.

The new meters will be installed over the next two months, and operate from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday. Beginning in 2013, meters will be enforced on Sundays as well, between noon and 6 p.m. SFMTA expects to extend hours into the evening—to 10 p.m.—in March 2013. Starting this month, the port will align its parking policies with SFMTA’s, with rates and hours matched with those the agency will be implementing in 2013…

Mission Bay is being densely developed, with parking pressures exacerbated by the nearby stadium, which hosts baseball games as well as special events. In anticipation of growth, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved meters to be installed in the area in 2002…

In response to the announcement, at least one Mission Bay resident said he’ll be moving out of the neighborhood… (He will be following the new trend.)


One more reason to not trust the SFMTA. All the residents’ requests were ignored. Don’t we want another sports arena in SF to give them more excuses to jack up parking prices in other parts of town?