Crisis in San Francisco – “There’s Only Parking, Everywhere”

Dearest District 5 – excerpt

There’s a real crisis in San Francisco and you see it every day.  There’s only parking, everywhere.  Look around and you’ll see people’s home/apartment garages, private garages, city owned parking garages, street parking and once and a while, metered parking.  While it may appear that there’s parking on virtually every street in San  Francisco and in every dwelling in upwards of a million spaces, the city desperately needs more.

While some will argue that parking is a net loss for a city, Dearest District 5 knows better than those fools, even if I don’t have any relevant degree or training in urban planning.  San Francisco’s 40% vehicle infrastructure simply isn’t enough!  And the disgustingly small amount of parking (1.5 square miles of San Francisco’s 7 square miles of land).  Parking, as everyone knows, is a renewable resource and needs to continue to grow in a city that is not expanding.

The SFMTA has been relentless in it’s assault on parking, and instead of installing MORE parking spaces, they try to manage supply and demands with metered parking!  Everyone knows it’s our god-given right to only pay for where we live, eat, purchase goods, be entertained, but NOT to park on the streets!  And even while prices increase on virtually everything in the city, an annual fee of 100 dollars for a parking permit seems like a sensible approach to mitigating a god given right to store a car in a city.

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SFMTA Drops Protected Bike Lane Proposals for Most of Polk Street

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency has taken protected bike lanes off the table for 14 of 20 blocks of Polk Street under its latest design options [PDF]…
the SFMTA’s most ambitious proposal for Polk between Geary and Union Streets only includes bike lanes that, depending on the block, would run either curbside (without parking) or in the door zone — the kinds of bike lanes that only make a relatively small percentage of people feel comfortable enough to ride… (more)

Save Polk Street likes Plan “A”. It remains to be seem what they will get, though the cyclists are unhappy with the latest design choices.

New Polk Street plans kinder to parked cars

Revised options for Polk Street that exclude bike lanes gain support from merchants

By: Will Reisman : SFExaminer – excerpt

A revamped Polk Street proposal that would include safety upgrades at intersections but few improvements for cyclists has garnered support from residents and merchants.
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which manages traffic policies, outraged merchants along the bustling corridor this year by proposing to reduce parking in favor of more access for cyclists. Following the backlash, the agency came back with six new options — three each for portions of Polk Street north and south of Geary Street.
Option A for upper Polk — the densest area of the corridor — has gained backing from the Save Polk Street Coalition, a group of merchants and neighborhood residents.
Dan Kowalski, owner of Flipp, a furniture store on Polk and Green streets, said many cyclists he talked to said they’d be satisfied if the corridor was repaved and markings were made clearer — upgrades both included in Option A…
Spokesman Paul Rose said the SFMTA will analyze feedback collected from an open house meeting last Saturday and another hearing scheduled for today before making recommendations on the Polk Street overhaul… (more)

So get to that hearing if you care about Polk Street.