Supe steamed over ‘culture’ of double-parking

Serco Inc. is still in the picture – excerpt

Any doubts that Serco Inc. is still working for the SFTMA can be put to rest. They are still doing the hiring and probably at least some of the training…
Manager Parking and Enforcement Services – 51520942… (more)

SF leaders search for ways to blend car-reliant worshippers with transit-first policies

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

In a city where promoting alternatives to California’s car culture is the unofficial religion, Sunday can be a day of conflict.

The Rev. Malcolm Byrd’s Sunday morning ritual includes collecting the angry notes left on his and other double-parked cars on Golden Gate Avenue. They’re left by bicyclists upset that automobiles are blocking their lane during services at Byrd’s First AME Zion Church.

Such righteous anger, while perhaps well-intentioned, is received by “your classic old church lady,” Byrd said. And that lady is part of a citywide congregation that is overwhelmingly old and car-reliant, with no other viable way to get to services.

This dependence on automobiles is challenging religious leaders and transit officials in San Francisco to find a compromise that can reduce congestion and promote transit while still allowing aging worshipers to access their faith communities… (more)

This feels like a familiar tune. Putting in a cycle track next to a church and demanding the cars move is like building housing next to a night club and demonizing the club. The anti-car movement is making for some strange allies who didn’t realize how much we have in common. Live and let live has been the San Francisco way of life. That is what is at stake.
There is a growing divisiveness feeding intolerant and racists comments that is disturbing, and it appears to be coming from elsewhere. The churches were here first. Cyclists are able-bodied individuals perfectly capable of biking on other streets. Perhaps it is time to codify parking privileges around churches and funeral homes, and certain other traditional situations. There is no reason to upset San Francisco traditions to satisfy new non-tolerant attitudes.

Get Ready To Feed Parking Meters Until 10 PM In The Blocks Near AT&T Park – excerpt

Parking near San Francisco’s AT&T Park is getting pricier in the evenings and during events at the ballpark starting next month, transit officials announced today.
Beginning March 4, meters will remain operating until 10 p.m. from Mondays through Saturdays in the area close to the ballpark at Third and King streets.
The meters will also cost more during days of San Francisco Giants games or other events there, according to the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency.
The changes are meant to increase parking availability in the area and reduce congestion caused by vehicles circling around to look for a parking spot, agency officials said… (more)
Between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on non-event days, the meters will cost $0.25 per hour, while they will cost up to $7 an hour on event days. The first event with the increased meter rates will be the World Baseball Classic, which runs at AT&T Park from March 17-19…
Special signs will be posted on meters in the area, which includes streets as far north as Harrison Street, as far east as The Embarcadero, as far south as Mariposa Street and as far west as Seventh Street… (more)
More information about the program can be found online at

Is it time for drivers and ferry commuters to go on strike? How long will it take for merchants to complain about the loss of business, driven away by parking rates?

Parking Meters Near AT&T Park To Have Longer Hours, Higher Rates
Getting to Giants games could be more costly for fans this season
“…Along with the parking rate hikes, ferries that go straight to the ballpark are set to become more expensive…”

What is the excuse for raising ferry rates? Too many ferries queuing at the dock?

The First Sunday With Metered Parking: Was It Completely Ignored?

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

Yesterday was supposed to be different: San Francisco parking meters were to be in effect during business hours on Sundays for the first time ever, meaning fewer drivers would be clogging up the streets looking for a spot.
But in at least two busy commercial districts, nearly every parking meter appeared occupied but unpaid. The displays flashed “expired,” but parking control officers were absent, as were the warning leaflets that the SF Municipal Transportation Agency said it would hand out during the first three weeks before actual ticketing kicks in…

Update: SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said PCOs distributed 4,000 warnings citywide, including 600 in the Haight area, and approximately 1,000 warnings in the Mission District. He also said that “old meters” don’t display a change when drivers pre-pay or pay by cell phone(more)

SFMTA, please save your breathe. Don’t bother to mention your congestion parking price theories anymore because nobody is buying it! Learn to live within your well-endowed means like the rest of us!

One good thing is happening. Thanks to SFMTA’s  unpopular Sunday parking meter program, The “Stop SFMTA” petition signatures are blossoming, along with a lot of negative comments and suggestions to city officials on what should be done with your department.

After 65 tears an SF tradition ends – free metered Sunday parking
Many drdivers upset by new SF parking meter rules  “…Those who run religious education programs think it will affect attendance, “I’m not going to be able to get my volunteers to stay, it runs through 12:30,” said Joyce Fletham with Glide Memorial. “People are going to leave because a $75 dollar parking ticket for a half hour of education is not going to be worth it to them…”
S.F. Sunday parkers get grace period …”Conveniently, and perhaps not coincidentally, the agency announced Monday that all city-controlled parking meters are now outfitted to accept payment by cell phone – but it will cost 45 cents per transaction. Meters along the Embarcadero that are controlled by the Port of San Francisco are not yet equipped for the service…”

I love this. 45 cents for the banks each time you pay with your cell phone. And, all the meters are different, in case you hadn’t noticed yet. There is no telling how much each will cost and how long you can park in any spot. It varies all over the city.

This is designed to stress us out. They want us to go away. Well. maybe they should be the ones to go.

Sunday Parking Meters – San Francisco Municipal Transportation

By SFMTA – excerpt

Sunday Meters: Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is changing on Sundays at parking meters?
As of January 6, 2013, all SFMTA parking meters in San Francisco will be enforced on Sundays from noon to 6 p.m., with four-hour time limits.
Meters in the Fisherman’s Wharf will continue to operate from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Meters in Port of San Francisco jurisdiction (along the waterfront and some side streets) will continue to operate from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Sunday.
2. Parking has always been free on Sunday. Why charge now?
Parking has traditionally been free on Sundays since parking meters were first installed in the 1940s. At that time, most businesses were closed on Sundays, so there was no need to use parking meters to create parking availability. Now, parking demand is the same on Sundays as on Saturdays, so San Francisco is finally updating its parking management to help businesses and motorists… (more)

Going against the will of many people, SFMTA is taking over control of the streets. If you believe the congestion excuse, you have no reason to read this blog. If you care to fight this, sign the petition and fill out the parking surveys and let your Supervisor know how you feel about the know restrictive parking policies.

Yelpers react to san-francisco-parking-meters-on-sundays-soon
Just found out this link is dead. Time to start our own conversation on Yelp.

Weekend Traffic And Transit Disruptions: Parking Meters Enforced On Labor Day, Critical Mass Is Tonight – excerpt

Labor Day Holiday Muni Service and Parking Enforcement
Muni service will follow a Sunday schedule on Labor Day, Monday.
Parking meters and seven day street sweeping will be enforced citywide on the holiday. Commuter tow away, residential parking permits and Monday-Friday daytime street sweeping will not be enforced….(more)

Parking enforcement department in SF has flaws, report says

By: Andrea Koskey : SF Examiner Staff Writer – excerpt

Report spotlights issues SFMTA may encounter with enforcement boost.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency wants to boost revenue through better parking enforcement, but it has hit a bump in the road because the agency is not equipped with enough officers to adequately cover The City, according to a report released this week by the Controller’s Office.

The report highlights other issues, such as the agency’s inability to be reimbursed for officers’ time during festivals and sporting events, low hiring levels and a lack of ongoing training. It also offered 39 recommendations to improve parking enforcement.

SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose said the new budget cycle, which started July 1, will help the agency address what is in the audit…

Last month, SFMTA chief Ed Reiskin said increased efforts in parking enforcement are one way the agency could balance a $17 million deficit for this fiscal year. (When does this fiscal year begin and end?)

“Everybody benefits, including motorists, when we enforce the laws that we have,” he said. “We’re not anticipating these revenues from more meters or extending meter hours — it’s enforcing the rules we have.”…

The inability to collect on some 15 festivals, plus Giants and 49er games, means a $65 an hour loss. In 2011, that amounted to some $709,000…


I’ll say there are some flaws in the system. SFMTA claims there are fewer parking tickets being issued due to the fact that it is easier to pay now. So, how will adding more officers increase the number of fines issued when there are fewer parking infractions? Wouldn’t having more people chasing less infractions add to the cost per ticket?

This article triggered some comments on facebook from people who favor more enforcement and less meters.

Drivers Beware! More SF Meter Maids Coming

By Katrina Schwartz : – excerpt

Drivers beware: to help close a $17 million budget gap, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is planning on hiring 14 new meter maids to help address what the city says is an increasing number of complaints from residents about lax enforcement.

The additional meter maids are expected to bring in around $6.5 million dollars for the agency, says Jerold Chinn, who reported on the story for KQED News Associate SF Public Press.

“They’re going to be more focused on things like blocked driveways, abandoned cars, and, specifically, enforcing the permit parking in neighborhoods because a lot of residents have been complaining about that,” says Chinn.

The city controller’s office is set to release an audit of parking management next week that the agency expects will support the need for new hires…

Sunday Parking Meter Enforcement to Begin January 1

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

Parking meters in San Francisco will be enforced on Sundays starting January 1, 2013, confirms SF Municipal Transportation Agency spokesperson Paul Rose.

The meters will be in effect from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. As the SF Chronicle reported today, the SFMTA will also pilot an extension of meter hours in the evening around the Giants ballpark until 10 p.m. starting next spring after SFPark meters are installed in Mission Bay.

Enforcing parking meters on Sundays is expected to reduce the number of drivers circling for parking by increasing turnover during periods of high demand. Parking meter hours in San Francisco basically haven’t changed since 1947, when most businesses weren’t open on Sundays or after 6 p.m., and demand was low…

The official go-ahead for metered parking on Sundays still requires approval of the citywide fiscal year 2012-2013 budget from the Board of Supervisors, which is expected next Tuesday. The SFMTA budget was approved by the Budget and Finance Committee in May, and initial board approval of the citywide budget is scheduled for today…


Get in your complaints and opinions before next Tuesday if you disagree with Sunday parking. Let your Supervisor know how you feel. Ask them how much of the extra funds went to fix the Muni while you are at it.