BART Wants To Crack Down On People Parking In Coliseum Station Lot For Oracle, Events

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — BART wants to crack down on people using the parking lot at its Oakland Coliseum station as free parking for events at the Coliseum and Oracle arena and may soon charge as much as $30 during events there.

The BART Board of Directors will take up a policy at its meeting Thursday to charge between $7 and $30 on an event-by-event basis, BART officials said… (more)

Way to go BART. Make it more expensive for people to take BART and they will just drive. They should at least wait until after they run their request for more money to expand the system. The voters just might turn you down next time you want more sales tax for your next expansion program. Or have you paid any attention to the new anti-tax movement by the disenfranchised former middle class?