A’s prioritize parking over development at Coliseum

By Matthew Artz martz : contracostatimes – excerpt

OAKLAND — In another potential blow for transforming the sprawling Oakland Coliseum complex into a bustling sports and entertainment district, A’s co-owner Lew Wolff said that if his team were to build a new ballpark at the site he would want it surrounded by acres of surface parking spaces — just like O. Co Coliseum is now.

Less than a week after the Oakland Raiders announced they were pursuing a stadium proposal in Los Angeles, Wolff said there is not enough land readily available at the Coliseum complex to build a stadium and satisfy the city’s desire for additional development, such as homes, shops, offices and a hotel.

The only way it could work, Wolff said, would be to build multilevel parking garages, but that would leave fans waiting in long lines to exit the garages and begin their drives home.

“Parking is a key issue for us,” Wolff said. “We want surface parking surrounding the ballpark wherever we build it unless we’re in the heart of a downtown.”… (more)

Pier 48 parking lot: San Francisco’s next big event venue?


With plans for a new neighborhood and a major retailer recently staking claim, the Giants are helping shape San Francisco’s Pier 38 into one of the waterfront’s biggest revitalization projects.
As part of the Giant’s Mission Rock Development — San Francisco’s newest proposed neighborhood — Anchor Brewing & Distilling Co. recently said it would open its seventh brewery in the city on the pier. But since construction will not begin until 2014 and other developments are still years away, the Giants have figured out another use for the space — events… (more)

Goodbye Parking Lot, Hello Park

By: Erik Neumann | September 6, 2012 – 10:00 am

Soon the Mission District will have one less parking lot and one more park, the Examiner reported yesterday. The pay lot on 17th and Folsom is slated for demolition by the Recreation and Park Department and will be replaced by what some are calling “the city’s first environmental justice park.”



Hey S.F. Heads-Up !!! = Paving Over Golden Gate Park For Fun And Profit! – FDL

By: spocko : democraticunderground.com – excerpt

Did you know that over 10 acres of beautiful parkland in Golden Gate Park might be bulldozed, scraped of all organic life and converted into a soccer complex? (With a parking lot!)

The planned development would feature artificial turf with toxic shredded rubber tires for in-fill, ten 60-foot tall towers beaming AT&T Park-like lights into the night–right across from Ocean Beach. These lights would blaze from dusk until 10:00 p.m. every night of the year. Oh, and you know how fog magnifies and glows around car lights in the dark? Envision 150,000 watts of those babies glowing in the night sky on a foggy San Francisco night. (Fog in San Francisco? That’s crazy talk!”)…


Why don’t they build a parking lot where it is needed wanted instead of where people don’t want it? Astro turf in Golden Gate Park? Somebody should mention that sun rots most plastic and causes it to give off a toxic gas.


I believe there are two grass soccer fields on 17th Street in the Mission, No one has complained about them yet.