How Uber Plans To Conquer The Suburbs

: buzzfeed – excerpt

With a pilot program in Summit, New Jersey, the ride-hail giant is looking to replace commuter parking lots.

Summit, New Jersey, a bedroom community to New York City, will begin subsidizing Uber rides for residents traveling to and from the local train station starting Monday — a move the town initiated to avoid building a new parking lot, a multimillion-dollar effort. For Uber, the partnership is another step in a series of strategic moves to extend its reach to the suburbs… (more)

BART rider satisfaction lowest in 16 years

By Denis Cuff : contracostatimes – excerpt

WALNUT CREEK — BART riders’ satisfaction with service has dropped to its lowest level in 16 years because of overcrowded, hot trains and dirty seats and carpets, according to a survey of train riders.

The transit agency said the problems are side effects of record ridership as the recovering economy creates more jobs and more commuters — many of whom can’t find seats on trains or spaces in station parking lots.

“BART is a victim of its own success,” BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said. “We have more people riding our trains than ever, but the same resources to serve them.”… (more)

Golden Gate Bridge district asks Marin Airporter to vacate Larkspur site

By Mark Prado : marinij – excerpt

Bridge district ending lease to create more ferry parking

The Golden Gate Bridge district is terminating its lease with the Marin Airporter in Larkspur so it can use the site for ferry parking.

Late-morning weekday ferry trips leaving Larkspur have limited ridership because there is nowhere for people to park after commuters fill up the lot, officials said.

The bridge district’s Transportation Committee voted Thursday to give the Airporter a 180-day lease termination notice. The same approval is expected Friday from the full bridge board…

The district will collect parking revenue of up to $60,000 a year when it charges for parking at the new lot as it does in its main lot. Expanded parking will allow for more passengers and increase revenue between $300,000 to $450,000 a year… (more)



49ers new stadium adding 10,000 parking spaces; Monday night games back on

By Mike Rosenberg : mercurynews – excerpt

SANTA CLARA — The San Francisco 49ers might be top contenders to win the parking Super Bowl, too: The team announced Tuesday that it should have 10,000 more spaces than originally planned for its new stadium — enough for plenty of tailgating, quicker stadium getaways and even Monday Night Football.

The plans approved by city officials and voters had long called for 21,000 spaces, while Candlestick has about 19,000. The Niners now are close to locking down 31,500 total parking spots within walking distance of 69,000-seat Levi’s Stadium by the time it opens in August. That’s a 50 percent jump from the plan voters approved years ago and a 66 percent increase over infamously jam-packed Candlestick Park…

“I’m a little amped about it; we had some people who thought we couldn’t do this,” said Mercurio, who has spent more than a year negotiating parking deals with local businesses. “We’ll be in a much better position to manage traffic.”… (more)

Not everyone fights parking. The 49ers decided to manage parking and traffic a different way rather than fighting cars and it is paying off for them. SFMTA should take a tip from them and negotiate some shared parking in SF. We know of a few empty lots in the city where deals could be made.

Follow-up to the NE Mission / SFMTA March 21 Meeting: Videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTube

Supervisor Campos made comments on the SFMTA plan before and after the presentation and comments by neighbors. Most people found the studies were lacking in accuracy and called for a better survey of the neighborhood before enacting any changes in the area. David agreed with residents and business owners that even though many changes to the original plan, such as allowing RPP for residents and Preferential Parking Permits for PDRs, are an improvement, the plan is flawed. He concluded by saying that there is no reason to implement any changes until a reasonable approach is found and the details worked out.
The growing trend toward emptying and eliminating public parking garages and parking lots was mentioned at the meeting. There are a couple in the area and a number have been spotted in Mission Bay. Residents on Polk Street and Valencia are also complaining about the rush to eliminate parking spots. Why is the SFMTA spending any time and energy eliminating pubic parking for Muni customers, while cutting back on Muni service? How does eliminating parking options benefit Muni riders?
There is a disconnect in the congested parking theory and the reality of the parking habits of human beings. Why is SFMTA is continuing to sign contracts to expand the program in spite of the lack of evidence or data from the initial tests?
Father of the congestion theory, Dr. Shoup admits his theories are unproven.
He is quoted as saying, If it works, it will make San Francisco an even better place to live and do business and visit. It will just be yet another feather in the cap of San Francisco. And if it doesn’t work, they can blame it all on a professor from Los Angeles… (more)

Santa Monica fired Nelson/Nygaard consultant, Jeff Tumlin, and now the Planning Commission may shelf their radical parking proposals which have “upset and enraged” residents… (more)

If Santa Monica can take back their streets, we can too.

Pier 48 parking lot: San Francisco’s next big event venue?

With plans for a new neighborhood and a major retailer recently staking claim, the Giants are helping shape San Francisco’s Pier 38 into one of the waterfront’s biggest revitalization projects.
As part of the Giant’s Mission Rock Development — San Francisco’s newest proposed neighborhood — Anchor Brewing & Distilling Co. recently said it would open its seventh brewery in the city on the pier. But since construction will not begin until 2014 and other developments are still years away, the Giants have figured out another use for the space — events… (more)

Poll: Caltrain Set To Add More Commute Trains. Will You Ride Now?

By Laura Dudnick and Dave Colby : GilroyPatch – excerpt

Caltrain is adding two new trains and restoring four more in response to a record increase in ridership this year.
I love riding the train…
But recently, it’s become difficult. Parking can be a pain, with spots in my Caltrain lot often harder to find than a clean dog in a flea storm. Once parked, getting on board has become a new experience, akin to the images I see of rush hour train commuters in New York City and the East.
And, after squeezing onto the train, if I find a seat for the 50-minute journey, I feel lucky.
Now, it appears I am not alone in my Caltrain consternation…
What do you think? Will you be on board for Caltrain travel now that there should be some overcrowding relief? Will the additional trains be enough? Is there a solution to the filled parking lots in the morning?..

Looks like the park and ride issue is still looming large for commuters.