Roadshow: Strange new parking spaces called ‘traffic nightmare’

By Gary Richards : mercurynews – excerpt

Q The new parking lines on the west side of Stockton Avenue between The Alameda and Julian Street at the new Whole Foods in San Jose seem to be facing the wrong way. This requires vehicles traveling south on Stockton to stop and back in. … What is the logic behind this? … This certainly must be incorrect? The lines need to be changed and quick; it is a traffic nightmare. … I have never seen this before. Half the people don’t do it and it seems to make no sense. Yet I have to believe there was some thought behind it… (more)

Yeah, how to driver drivers crazy while putting everyone on the road at risk and blaming it on the drivers. That is the thought that went into it.

Read the comments and guess who likes this crazy parking scheme – cyclists who don’t drive cars! We should start a poll to find out how many car drivers like it.

I know someone who hit a car as she was driving out of one of these “nightmare” sparking spots. The visibility sucks.

Traffic nightmare at McCartney Candlestick show

sfgate – excerpt

Here’s an understatement: Traffic to and from the Paul McCartney farewell show at Candlestick Park on Thursday night was awful.

Some ticket holders have even reported missing the show altogether due to the gridlock. One of our reporters on the scene, Peter Hartlaub, said it took him more than three and a half hours to get from Oakland to the show. And it’s clear from Twitter (see below) that traffic afterward wasn’t any better, with some concertgoers saying that cars didn’t move for an hour and a half…

Zarine Batliwalla, a 61-year-old real estate agent based in Hillsborough, was one of those who missed the show. She and a friend drove from the Peninsula, leaving around 6 p.m., but it took them three hours to get near Candlestick. Once there, she said, it took them more than two hours just to get outside of the parking lot.

The lines to get into the parking lot, she said, were five cars deep. At around 11 p.m., they saw cars leaving the show — and they decided to do the same themselves… (more)

San Francisco tourism just took a dive. These fans will never come for another concert. Some demand refunds.


Traffic keeps some fans out of Paul McCartney concert
Thursday night’s final concert at Candlestick Park drew thousands of fans, but left other Paul McCartney fans out in the cold.
Petaluma’s Jennifer Cass spent $800 for four tickets to the Candlestick Park-closing show. She also spent seven hours in traffic with her siblings, viewing a sea of brake lights and disabled vehicles blocking lanes of Highway 101. They never got to see the show.
The concert is billed as the “Out There Tour,” but Cass had a different name for it. “It’s the ‘Stuck Out There’ concert,” she told KTVU Friday.
“All of us had been to many, many events at Candlestick Park and we’ve never experienced such gridlock. There was no police presence once we entered the park, there were no parking attendants telling us where to go,” she said.
Pat Silveri of Novato requested a $374 refund from Ticketmaster and says the city should’ve done better planning for the event. After a three hour wait in traffic, she says a parking attendant told her she should go home.
“The parking attendant that came to my car said that they were turning away thousands of people,” said Silveri

“I’ve Been Stuck in This Crud”: Fan Says of ‘Stick Traffic”
And the headaches weren’t much better for those who took public transportation. NBC Bay Area’s Gonzalo Rojas was in San Francisco, shooting video of long lines and crowded platforms at Muni, with everyone champing at the bit to get to hear McCartney swoon one last time…” (more)

McCartney Concert Traffic Gridlock Frustrates Fans
One of the biggest memories for many fans may be of the concert traffic gridlock before, during and after the show. Anne Makovec reports.

How to Find Free, Priceless Parking Spots Hidden in Plain Sight

By David LaBua : 7× – excerpt

Dear Parking Guru,

I have a question for which I have gotten three different answers from three parking enforcement officers, and I googled for hours with no luck. I then found your 7×7 blog. You seem to be the most straightforward and knowledgeable source of all things parking. Can you please give me some advice about this parking spot on the corner of California and Mason?
In the photo is my car, the blue Jetta, underneath the cable car stop sign.
There is no paint on the curb and I’ve observed all parking signs. Nothing leads me to believe that it’s parked illegally as there isn’t any restrictive sign within 100 feet of where I am parked. But I’m still a little unsettled, as it’s next to a Cable Car Stop sign. Do you have any insight to settle my nerves? Thanks!
–  Just In Case

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