Strong voices on parking

By Todd Dills : overdriveonline – excerpt – (audio track)

Dave Della Maggiore, who drives for Gooding, Idaho-based D&D Transportation, played a part in the Wall Street Journal’s recent coverage of the quite succinctly encapsulated “Too Many Trucks, Too Little Parking” issue out on the nation’s roads, a perennial concern for truckers finally getting the mainstream attention it deserves…

On Ask the Trucker Live he made note of “how this little article,” he said, has been received around the nation in quarters in- and outside the industry — many thought truckers “were just blowing steam” with parking complaints, he said, but there’s more to it than that, as you know. With the economy picking up some of the last couple years following the decline, there’s even less in the way of solid parking for a growing volume of trucks hauling freight. “We’re really getting in a bind.”…

The issue is compounded by the growing use of electronic logging devices, which put more pressure on the driver to truly plan ahead for parking, easy enough if you’ve been to a destination before. But, as Della Maggiore acknowledged to the Smiths, “When you get to a place you don’t know, that’s when you can get into a bind” in the search for parking, depending on how long you’re delayed at the load/unload site….

“I get the whole problem — land availability, public land, private land, public funds, private funds, state, federal, local money from different departments, private but pay to park… — and it is complex; but this Schnizzle don’t Fizzle, folks. Makes me not care if the fine folks in the City by the Bay have any chicken to go with their Rice-a-Roni or not. I just don’t want to come here in my big pretty when they won’t let me park it close.”… (more)

This story proves how just insane the anti-motorists movement is is becoming. Trucks already pay the major costs of keeping up the roads and highways and that costs is added onto all the products they haul. The best way to fight pollution is to make trips as easy and possible, not to force them people to drive around looking for parking. You especially don’t want semis driving aimlessly.

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