Save Parking on Polk – two more petitions

The SFTMA has proposed to remove 50% of the parking from McAllister to California Street, which includes the 1400 block of Polk. They want to put in a raised bike lane on one side of the street.  Please sign and pass on to any interested parties.
SFMTA recently relented on some bike lanes but are threatening the merchants and residents with installing tow signs on the East side of Polk during morning “rush hour”. Merchants have written petitions against this in the shops.
Lots to object to here. The raised bike lanes do nothing to make anyone safer and could cause more accidents. Eliminating parking from a crowded street will kill businesses that are struggling now.

Why is SFMTA eliminating parking on streets where parking meters are generating income? 

Contra-Flow Bike Lane May Finally Come to Polk Street Next Summer

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

An SFMTA Bike Plan project would install a contra-flow bike lane on Polk Street, separated from motor traffic by a concrete median, where a car parking lane now exists..

A long-awaited bicycle connection linking Market Street to northbound Polk Street is on the horizon. The two southernmost blocks of Polk, which currently only allow southbound traffic, could get a protected contra-flow bike lane by this time next year.

The project, which would add a northbound bike lane separated by a concrete median [PDF], was part of the 2009 SF Bike Plan but left unapproved by the SF Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors — one of 15 such projects. The space for the contra-flow lane would come from a car parking lane and some existing buffer space, and it would extend as a painted bike lane past City Hall to connect to the existing bike lane which begins at McAllister Street…

Construction on the contra-flow lane is roughly scheduled for the first fiscal quarter of 2013, which runs from July to September, according to the 2011 Prop B Street Improvement Bond funding plan [PDF] approved last week by the multi-agency SF Capital Planning Committee. Of the estimated $959,369 needed for the project, $240,000 would come from the Prop B bond. The majority, $584,000, would come from a Safe Routes to Transit grant also approved last week by the SFMTA Board. “The remaining $375,369 will be secured from SFCTA Prop. K funds ($88,039), San Francisco Red Light Photo Enforcement Program ($10,000) and from Metropolitan Transportation Commission Regional Bike and Pedestrian Program funds ($37,630),” according to an SFMTA grant document [PDF]…

Although advocates had hoped a protected bike lane might come to Polk in time for America’s Cup, construction on the Complete Street project is scheduled to take place from July 2014 to July 2015, according to the list of Prop B bond streetscape projects. $5,356,000 of the bond money has been set aside for the project


Are there any SF streets the SFMTA deems worthy of free flowing cars without restrictions? If so where and when should cars be given preference to other vehicles?

Where are the millions of dollars for these bike lanes coming from?

What is the Complete Street Project?

Voters beware of approving any more Muni bonds if you want to keep any lanes for cars.