Report: Muni Breakdowns Cost Commuters $4.2 Million Last Month Alone

by Dan McMenamin : sfappeal – excerpt

San Francisco Municipal Railway service disruptions cost commuters at least $50 million in economic production annually and the system remains far away from its on-time service goals, according to a report released today by city officials.
The quarterly report by San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency officials and city economist Ted Egan was requested earlier this year by Supervisor Scott Wiener, who held a hearing of the Board of Supervisors’ land use and economic development committee to discuss the report’s findings.
The report, which Wiener said he believed was the first of its kind in the city, found that Muni breakdowns cost at least $4.2 million in lost productivity for commuters in April, or at least $50 million each year…
Wiener is also considering various ways to boost revenue to fund Muni improvements.
Last week, he asked the city controller’s office to assess the economic impact of a surcharge of $1 to $3 that could be added to prices of tickets for large events such as baseball games and concerts and would go toward maintaining the Muni system… (more)

Suggestions for other revenue sources:
Portland City Club Report Recommends Taxing Bike Sales to pay for bike lanes

Time for SFMTA to quit spending all their money and their time on future perfect projects and get down and dirty with the engineers and mechanics and help them do the job of getting the people who need the Muni where they need to go. Leave the rest of us alone.

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Coming This Fall: City Target at Masonic

by Camden Avery : – excerpt

So this is finally happening.
This October, one year after opening a Metreon location at Mission and 4th, Target is opening its second City Target in San Francisco at the top of Masonic at Geary.
The building (formerly Mervyn’s) has been under renovation for the past few weeks, as you may have noticed, and work is scheduled to be wrapped up by the time they start hiring in August and September.
While the location is within walking distance of the Haight, it’s also probably far away enough not to influence neighborhood traffic too much, even with the proposed elimination of parking spaces along Masonic to make way for the city’s Masonic corridor improvements.
But we thought we’d pool the question to you, dear readers: What do you think of the new Target? Good, bad, neither? Will you use it? … (more)


Muni Underground Melts Down at Rush Hour; Also, an F-Line Car Hits a Pedestrian at Church and Market

Tonight was yet another bad night for the SFMTA, as the Muni metro suffered a total and complete meltdown at 6 p.m. due to an alleged blown transformer at Van Ness Station. The SFMTA is blaming rain damage from Sunday morning’s storm, despite the fact that the transformer functioned fine for 36 hours or so after the storm, only to fail at 6 p.m. Monday.
The light rail was shut down in both directions between Embarcadero and the western end of the city, and there was no estimate when it would be restored.
Simultaneously, however, there was an unrelated incident above ground that crippled the F-line heading outbound just before 6 p.m. A female in a wheelchair was struck by an orange F-line car and dragged 570 feet, from Market and Dolores Street to Market and Church…  (more)

Scott Weiner uses this episode to tweet for more Muni funds. Most responses are negative. The public does not buy “Muni is broke” line anyone.