Open letter to Sustainable Streets


Sustainable Streets,

Director Maguire and staff:

re: Request for a continuance on approval of the Vincente bike lanes and parking alterations on 44th Avenue due to lack of proper public disclosure of public meetings during the planning process and lack of notice on this engineering meeting. No reasonable person would consider posting paper signs on outdoor posts during a rainstorm proper notice.

As you are aware, there have been many complaints over lack of proper notice and outreach to the community where SFMTA projects are concerned. This one really takes the cake.

I will not bore you by repeating all the details on this particular case, ie: complaints from the neighbors and merchants that they were not invited to any planning meetings where the bike lanes were being discussed. They will tell you their stories. This neighborhood is already living with the Taraval experiment that is forcing unwanted changes on their traffic patterns. To add more pain and pressure to this area is outrageous.

SFMTA’s lack of respect for the public has gotten so bad that citizens are going to their Supervisors with demands of public hearings focusing on the SFMTA’s lack of public support for the projects they are forcing on our streets, while ignoring their requests for better service instead of cuts. There are lawsuits underway and more are being contemplated. Don’t add to the list of complaints by approving the bike lanes and parking alterations today. This matter needs to be continued.


Mari Eliza, concerned citizen


Minds Appear Made Up About Plan Bay Area

Posted by Jessica Mullins : – excerpt
More than 200 community members, many apparent critics of the Plan Bay Area, packed the Marin County Board of Supervisors Chambers Thursday night for a debate on whether the controversial regional housing plan is good for the region and Marin.
The panelists included Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey, Randal O’Toole of the Cato Institute, Napa County Supervisor and Association of Bay Area Governments President Mark Luce and Mass Transit Consultant Thomas Rubin of Oakland….
The meeting scene was a similar one that has played out countless times in the last year, a standing-room only crowd with several attendants holding anti Plan Bay Area signs.
At the meeting, proponents of the plan (Kinsey and Luce) were interrupted by hecklers multiple times.
At the beginning and end of the meeting, moderator Marin County Superior Court Judge Verna Adams asked people to raise their hands if they were for or against the plan. The majority of the attendants were anti Plan Bay Area. At the end of the meeting, when Adams asked if anyone had changed their mind, no one raised their hand… (more)