Painted transit only lanes set for Church Street

By Will Reisman : SFExaminer – excerpt

A pair of painted transit-only lanes — the first of their kind in The City — are set to debut next month on a notoriously congested section of Church Street, an approach likely to be adopted on other busy arteries…

Other roads slated for painted transit-only lanes:

  1. Fulton Street, 5-Fulton
  2. Park Presidio and 19th Street, 28-19th Avenue
  3. 16th Street, 22-Fillmore
  4. Columbus Avenue and Stockton Street, 30-Stockton
  5. Judah and Irving streets, N-Judah
  6. Mission Street, 14-Mission
  7. San Bruno and Geneva avenues, 8X-Bayshore Express

Source: SFMTA


Someone should remind the SFMTA that Prop A* includes taxis and vanpools  in the list of vehicles allowed to share transit only lanes. We assume they will follow this policy.

Someone should inform the SFMTA that the above entities are meant to supplement Muni , and should be encouraged  to cover slow routes that Muni is dropping so as to continue to serve the transit needs of the public.

Transit First Policy Amended by Prop “A” approved 11/6/2007
2.     Public transit, including taxis and vanpools, is an economically and environmentally sound alternative to transportation by individual automobiles…
4.     Transit priority improvements, such as designated transit lanes and streets and improved signalization, shall be made to expedite the movement of public transit vehicles (including taxis and vanpools) and to improve pedestrian safety.


Transportation Commission Shoots Down Free Youth Muni Plan

By Andrew Dalton : – excerpt

The plan to offer free Muni service to low-income kids was apparently killed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Wednesday, where the Bay Area-wide agency shot down a motion to fund several programs to provide discounted fares in several public transit systems. The 8-7 vote means San Francisco’s $9.4 million plan, which would have provided free Muni to kids for almost two years starting with this school year, will be about $5 million short…

The Free Muni plan was pushed by the Board of Supervisors earlier this year and could be effectively dead without the extra funds from the regional authority. Although the SFMTA won’t say the plan has been killed yet, they have already said they can’t spare the funds to cover it. “We’re disappointed in the outcome,” MTA Spokesman Paul Rose told the Chronicle. “We’re going to have to regroup and go back to our board and see where we are without funding from the region.”…

Maybe they could cut out some bike lanes?

How many transit commissions, departments, and agencies does it take to run public transit programs in SF? We have SFMTA, SFParks, and MTC, any more? How many executive salaries are represented here?