Sunset district neighbors wary of proposed changes to L-Taraval Muni line

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

Sunset district neighbors reached a compromise Wednesday night on changes to Taraval Street intended to make the L-Taraval train safer, despite many expressing fears that the proposal will make the neighborhood less accessible.

Chiefly, neighbors worried that concrete boarding islands would reduce parking and endanger local businesses. People also said newly moved or eliminated stops would force seniors to walk too far for the train.

“I don’t want my stops taken away,” said Nerissa Hu, who said she depends on the 17th Avenue stop, which was originally slated to be removed. Without it, Hu says she will need to walk uphill to make her regular L trip.

The victory for the neighborhood wasn’t complete, neighbors said, but it was a start.

Sean Kennedy, a planner at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, tried to explain the compromise to a room packed with more than 200 neighbors.

It was tough going.

Gathered in Dianne Feinstein Elementary School’s cafeteria, the enraged neighbors lambasted staff at full volume.

They heckled, booed, hissed and yelled… (more)

San Francisco citizens are the way the SFMTA is destroying out city. Wait till they find out how much in debt they are as well and how they intend to charge us for the privilege of all this disruption. They are fast spiraling out of control. Demand changes from the candidates running for supervisor positions. Demand a that the Supervisors take back control of the SFMAT board through the appointment process.

Muni Taraval Meeting Met with Grimaces Groans and Grumbles


Second thoughts on giving up parking? – excerpt

The North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association, in conjunction with the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association, has recently submitted over 300 signatures for a petition to establish a new Residential Parking Permit Zone (EE) in the neighborhood.  This petition was the result of a number of drivers (no pun intended):

  • The loss of parking due to the recent safety upgrades on Fell and Oak
  • The potential loss of parking from future safety upgrades and traffic calming on Masonic
  • The increase in number of RV-type vehicles parking for extended periods along the panhandle, with the appearance of people living in them
  • The increasingly difficulty residents have expressed in looking for parking close to their residences
  • Petition for residents(more)

Looks like some of the folks who wanted bike lanes on Fell and Oak are having trouble parking their cars now. Wait till they get the bike lanes on Masonic and the Target opens.

Crisis in San Francisco – “There’s Only Parking, Everywhere”

Dearest District 5 – excerpt

There’s a real crisis in San Francisco and you see it every day.  There’s only parking, everywhere.  Look around and you’ll see people’s home/apartment garages, private garages, city owned parking garages, street parking and once and a while, metered parking.  While it may appear that there’s parking on virtually every street in San  Francisco and in every dwelling in upwards of a million spaces, the city desperately needs more.

While some will argue that parking is a net loss for a city, Dearest District 5 knows better than those fools, even if I don’t have any relevant degree or training in urban planning.  San Francisco’s 40% vehicle infrastructure simply isn’t enough!  And the disgustingly small amount of parking (1.5 square miles of San Francisco’s 7 square miles of land).  Parking, as everyone knows, is a renewable resource and needs to continue to grow in a city that is not expanding.

The SFMTA has been relentless in it’s assault on parking, and instead of installing MORE parking spaces, they try to manage supply and demands with metered parking!  Everyone knows it’s our god-given right to only pay for where we live, eat, purchase goods, be entertained, but NOT to park on the streets!  And even while prices increase on virtually everything in the city, an annual fee of 100 dollars for a parking permit seems like a sensible approach to mitigating a god given right to store a car in a city.

More More More!!! … (more)