Bay Bridge Official: “We see no reason to delay the opening of the bridge before the shear key fix is completed”

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Top state transportation officials today approved a plan to open the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge on Sept. 3, saying that it’s important for the public’s safety that the new bridge be in operation as soon as possible.
The unanimous vote by the state Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee at a meeting at the MetroCenter in Oakland ends five months of uncertainty about the fate of the bridge after nearly one-third of the 96 bolts that secure earthquake shock absorbers known as shear keys to the deck of the bridge failed when they were tightened in March… (more)

2013 has not been a kind year to San Francisco. Nothing seems to be going well and of all the things that are bad, the Bay Bridge Bolts story may be the most unsettling. Nothing the officials can say will make us feel safe at this point. The running joke in may office is, “where would be rather be in a major quake? The new Bay Bridge, the old Bay Bridge, or the BART tunnel?” The answer is, “Neither.”