Supervisors vote 11-0 for new city budget

SFGate City Insider : excerpt

The Board of Supervisors gave preliminary approval Tuesday to San Francisco’s first two-year budget, providing money to hire more firefighters, police officers and park gardeners, to bolster AIDS services, homeless programs and job training, and to give the city’s nonprofit health and human services a 2 percent funding boost…

As the Mayor stated, the city shows its priorities when it comes to spending the extra money. How much money did they allocate to Muni?

S.F. Muni can’t afford free fares for youth

By Scott Wiener : SFGate – excerpt

A proposal to provide free Muni fares for all youth, of all income levels, is under consideration in San Francisco. While this proposal is well-intentioned, Muni cannot afford the $8 million annual price tag. We need to increase access to transportation for low-income youth, but a new and expensive obligation for Muni – at a time when Muni cannot pay for its basic operational needs and is expanding parking meters and increasing parking fines – is a bad idea…

The understandable public perception is that Muni is expanding parking meters to Sundays, adding new meters, and raising ticket prices not to pay for improvements to the system but rather to fund free Muni for all youth, even those who don’t need the subsidy. If that doesn’t undermine public confidence in Muni’s desire to use taxpayer money to shore up its system and improve service, then I don’t know what will…

Scott Wiener is a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.