SFMTA Plans Major Expansion of On-Street Car-Share Parking Spaces

by Aaron Bialick : sf.streetsblog.org – excerpt

Curbside parking spaces reserved for car-share vehicles could become much more widespread in San Francisco under a proposed expansion of the Municipal Transportation Agency’s on-street car-share pilot program early next year…
The SFMTA estimates that every car-sharing vehicle replaces up to 15 privately-owned cars. During the first pilot, residents in some neighborhoods opposed converting street parking to car-sharing spots, since they saw it as a reduction in available car parking. Reiskin said the agency plans to use data to make the case for converting future spots and win over skeptics…
SFMTA planners also aim to increase awareness and visibility of the service to “seed demand” in neighborhoods which, according to City CarShare, currently have very little car-share demand(more)

Is this legal? Is this what the voters anticipated the SFMTA  to do when they voted to merge the various organizations to “Fix the Muni” and “balance the Muni Budget”?

Is this an example of a government entity picking winners  and promoting a private corporation at the expense of the general public?
Is this how the Federal Government plans to sell new EV and clean tech vehicles made-in-America? By punishing car owners who live in cities?

What is wrong with this picture?

SFMTA makes room for Shared Cars