Bullying, verbal abuse, a ‘culture of silence’: independent investigator makes first report on sexual harassment inside SFMTA

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

San Francisco’s transportation agency is a haven for bullying and verbal abuse — but there is hope for change.

Those are the conclusions of the first report from Mayor London Breed’s independent “ombudsperson” Dolores Blanding, who in October last year was assigned to investigate an alleged culture of harassment, including sexual harassment, at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which runs Muni.

Blanding’s appointment by Breed on October 5, 2018 followed a series of stories by the San Francisco Examiner that exposed unresolved complaints from women who were groped by colleagues and, in at least one case, allegedly bullied into sex by a superior… (more)

Woman Who Drove Off With Meter Maid On Her Car Says She Was Fleeing Sexual Harassment

by — Hoodline (@HoodlineSF) – excerpt – video

A driver took a DPT officer on a 12+ block ride of terror on the hood of her car yesterday:

You probably know the story by now: As first reported by Hoodline, 33-year old Bo Mounsombath was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor hit and run after a number of witnesses saw her hurtling down Oak Street with a Parking Enforcement Officer clinging to her hood. But now here’s the twist: According to Monsoumbath, it’s she who was the victim, as the PCO made her a proposal of an indecent kind.

According to Hoodline tipster Allison Yates, Mounsombath passed her near Oak and Octavia Streets on Thursday morning at around 10:15. “I saw her go by and realized there was a guy on the hood on his back, hanging on kind of spread-eagled,” Yates said…

Mounsombath speaking with KRON4, says “I had stopped many times and he wouldn’t get off,” which Yates confirms in a comment on Hoodline, saying that “The driver actually got out of her car at least once to stand in the street and scream about how scared she was…I have NO idea why the DPT guy did not get off the car when it was stopped.”…(more)

If you needed more proof that the natives are restless and headed for the pitchforks this story should do it.


Local: In The Mission In The Mission – Local News, Information, Events and Photos Harassment on MUNI and BART? Oh Yes

By Laura Wenus : sfgate – excerpt

BART and MUNI records of catcalling, groping, rape and other types of sexual harassment on stations and vehicles indicate that this public nuisance is rare. Only twelve incidents have been recorded in the past two years. BART’s numbers are even more impressive, with no incidents whatsoever in the Mission since 2012, and only 20 incidents in all of San Francisco.

Talk to women on the streets, however,  and it quickly becomes clear how misleading the official numbers are. In only 19 interviews, Mission Local turned up six victims of sexual harassment – half the official number reported in two years. Extrapolate out and it is likely that among the 700,000 boardings a day on Muni and 117,000 on BART, sexual harassment incidents number in the thousands.

A MUNI spokesperson said the SFMTA and SFPD work closely together to try to make transit as safe as possible. “Muni is an extension of San Francisco’s city streets,” she wrote. “The same care and attention one takes on the street should be taken on Muni as well.”

Except, on the street, women aren’t crushed up against men… (more)