Announcement of ENUF web site

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

Contacts: Tony Kelly   John Lum
Mari Eliza
San Francisco – May 30, 2012

ENUF (Eastern Neighborhoods United Front) Web site:

ENUF is comprised of dedicated and concerned stakeholders intent on disrupting SFMTA’s plans to blanket our San Francisco neighborhoods with parking meters. In late 2011 when neighborhood members realized the full extent of MTA’s plans, we immediately went into action. To further unite our stakeholders and provide a statement of our interests, we are launching our website, on June 1, 2012.  Once the technology is in place, we will begin to gather data for our master parking plan. The release date on the survey will be forthcoming.

Neighborhood groups filled an appeal, a public meeting was called, the SFMTA backed off, and promised to work with us on a more palatable plan to control traffic and enhance parking in our neighborhoods. ENUF members spent considerable time and effort creating a web site and designing a survey to track the parking patterns of our residents so we could meet their needs and fulfill our promise to SFMTA.

Subsequent remarks, comments and interviews coming from SFMTA, lead us to believe they intended to proceed with minimally changed plans to eliminate existing parking spaces while continuing to claim we need more parking meters to calm traffic and increase parking availability.  The recent outrage over such issues as Sunday parking meter enforcement, spying buses, impossible to decipher signs, and really hard to fathom traffic manipulation projects like the debacle in Golden Gate Park, have attracted a widening range of public anger.

The money questions are most disturbing. The media is just starting to touch the surface of that mystery. On we try to track as much of the press as we can, but it is hard to keep up with the number of issues that have arisen in recent weeks. We will attempt a list later.

This week we had some good news. District Supervisors are taking notice of residents’ complaints, and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce has voiced concerns that increased stress on drivers may hurt our delicately recovering local economy.

Even with promises of support from our city officers and endorsement of a slowdown of meter enforcement from other important players, ENUF is not backing off on our work. We plan to continue working on our parking management plans and outreach to ensure the needs of our residents and businesses are met. We invite over neighborhoods to work on their plans and offer assistance where we can provide it.

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

SFMTA Puts More Time in Meter Plan

Keith Burbank : – excerpt

Anti-parking meter advocates appear to have won a victory in their efforts to slow-down plans to blanket parts of Dogpatch, Mission, and Potrero Hill with high-tech parking meters.  In a letter to a citizens group spearheading anti-meter efforts, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) director Ed Reiskin said the agency “may delay when we begin engagement with the 12th & Folsom areaЙat present the agency does not plan to revise the order for outreach to the other areas.”  For now, Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, and the Mission will not be part of the Mission Bay parking pilot because of citizen concerns about the plan, Reiskin said in his letter.  Reiskin’s correspondence was in response to a request by the Eastern Neighborhoods United Front (ENUF) to reschedule meter-related outreach efforts over a longer time period.

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce joined ENUF in opposing SFMTA’s parking meter plan, though the chamber’s president and chief executive officer, Steven B. Falk, said in a newsletter that “demand-sensitive parking charges can provide new revenue for transit services.”  The business group recommended that the City study a regional congestion pricing model, and work with other organizations to alleviate traffic congestion.  In the same newsletter, Falk wrote that SFMTA’s policies may be “‘driving’ employees, employers and customers out of San Francisco…”


Since the advent of the SFMTA encroachment by parking meters and limited parking hours, we are aware of few citizen complaints over traffic. The conversation has centered almost entirely on the parking problems.


Could the following Newswire review have anything to do with the Chamber’s position?


U.S. Travel Association: San Mateo County Travel Tax Will Hurt Economy

“The latest proposed travel tax hikes in San Mateo County (Bay Area), CA will damage the local economy, make San Francisco International Airport (SFO) less competitive, and generate far less revenue than county officials estimate, according to a new economic impact study released by the U.S. Travel Association.

Economists found that SFO could lose 100,000 vehicle rentals a year if just one of the measures were to pass…”