A Big, Good, Bad Day for Google Buses in San Francisco

By Katy Steinmetz: time – excerpt

The city came one step closer to regulating them, and protestors staged one of their biggest protests yet…

Dozens of anti-eviction protestors marched behind a small brass band through the streets of San Francisco on Tuesday morning. The parade stopped at an intersection in a long-blighted, recently gentrifying neighborhood called the Tenderloin. Then the protestors did what has become their signature move in recent months: They blocked private buses attempting to ferry tech workers to their jobs in Silicon Valley, this time at Google and Facebook.

Private shuttles have become the cake in San Francisco’s revolution, a symbol of disconnect as the have-nots rally against a backdrop of skyrocketing rental prices and eviction rates. At a hearing at City Hall later in the day, a committee approved a proposal to allow and organize the growing fleet of vehicles currently using city bus stops without regulation. During roughly two hours of public comments, officials heard from tech workers who ride the buses, working-class residents who drive them and activists who oppose them (not to mention everything they stand for). Then the committee unanimously voted to go ahead with the 18-month pilot program, set to begin this summer… (more)

We are taking no position on this. It seems that there is a broader consensus on how to fix traffic and parking problems than on solutions for housing issues.

A city walk that can’t be beat

By Tom Stienstra : sfgate – excerpt

What you’ll see: It would difficult to improve on the recent days on the San Francisco waterfront. That is, unless you could improve on perfection. The weather, views and recreation have been stellar. Marina Green is your launch point. From along the Golden Gate Promenade, you get waterfront views that extend to the Golden Gate Bridge and across to Sausalito and Alcatraz…
Easy walk: From parking, take the San Francisco Bay Trail west along Marina Green and work your way around the yacht harbors (you’ll see lots of docked boats on your right) toward the St. Francis Yacht Club. Then continue toward the harbor entrance, past the Golden Gate Yacht Club, to the point at the end of the jetty and to the Wave Organ…
Cost: Parking, access free… (more)

 Free parking access will disappear soon if the SFMTA and the SF Bicycle Coalition gets their way. If you think it should remain free, let the supervisors know. They have the power to keep it free when it comes to financing new contracts. They stopped the expansion of parking meters into the neighborhoods because citizens acted and they can stop the elimination of parking and traffic lanes if you continue to tell them ENUF already! Don’t cut traffic lanes, parking and Muni services. Contact Supervisors

Newly Proposed Bicycle Parking Requirements

sf-planning.org – excerpt

On Thursday, May 16th, 2013, the Commission will consider:
the re-adoption of the General Plan Amendments regarding the Bike Plan; and
the adoption of the proposed bicycle parking requirements in the Planning Code.

If approved by the Commission, both proposals would be forwarded to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for final approvals.
The Planning Department invites you to attend this hearing to express your thoughts about bicycle parking. The case report for this hearing, including the complete proposed ordinances can be downloaded from the Planning Commission’s webpage on:

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