How is This Official SFGov SFMTA Red-Painted Parking Space Labelled “CAR SHARE” If It’s Only for Avis RENTAL CAR?

sfcitizen – excerpt

Help me out here, Gentle Reader. This formerly public parking space is now a private parking space, one that’s being rented out to Avis Rent a Car System, LLC, aka the Avis Budget Group.

But Avis isn’t actually “sharing” cars with you, it’s renting cars to you, right?

Is this what they call “framing?” Why is the SFMTA “framing” issues for Avis this way? Was Ron Conway involved with this? David Chiu?… (more)

What separates the “sharing” economy from the rental industry? When you pay for use by time, isn’t that a rental? When is the policy of picking winners and losers contract interference? Is a government agency allowed to discriminate in ways a private entity cannot?

Another moveon petition to Stop Actions by the SFMTA designed to privatize and commercialize public property.

Message from moveone:

No Public Space for Private Use recently created a petition on our public petition website entitled “San Francisco Keep Corporate Greed Out of Your Parking Spaces”—and moveone would like to know what you think of it.

The petition is addressed to Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation, SFMTA Board of Directors, and Andy Thornley, and reads:

SFMTA has set aside 450 parking spots city wide for a pilot program to rental car corporations to be used as free advertising under the guise of being not for profit companies. Their concept being that we are “sharing” these rental cars instead of renting a car. It is more expensive to rent a car by the hour than the day. If SFMTA decides they like the revenue this pilot program brings , the number of these private use parking spaces will increase from 450 spaces to 900 spaces city wide. They will no longer be available for your (public) use. Guess who profits.

These companies have misled the public into believing these actions will help save the environment, when in fact it will put more cars on the streets creating more pollution.

This selfish corporate thinking compromises the local workers who need their vehicles to transport the tools of their various trades to the job sites.

This is just another attack on the working class of San Francisco. 
Please support No Public Space for Private Use and sign this petition.

Sign No’s petition.

Here’s what No wrote about it:

The city of San Francisco is being bought out by big business and it’s coming to your front door. If this pilot program is successful 900 private parking spots will be for the exclusive use of City Car Share, Zipcar and Getaround. No neighborhood is exempt.


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Thanks for all you do.

– moveone


BMW Takes Its Car-Sharing Service To The Streets Of San Francisco

Karyne Levy : BusinessInsider – excerpt

BMW’s car-sharing service, called DriveNow, is adding 80 cars to its fleet in the Bay Area, and starting this month, it will offer street parking spots in the Mission District in San Francisco.

That means that you don’t have to drop the car off in a dedicated lot, as you would with, say, Zipcar. Instead, the car will tell you when you’re in an approved drop-off zone, which is between Potrero Avenue and Folsom Street and between 16th and 26th streets.

We’re starting in certain streets in the Mission District, and on those streets, we only have to contend with street cleaning,” Dana Goldin, DriveNow’s chief marketing officer, told Business Insider. “So right now we’re avoiding meters and we’re avoiding residential permit areas.”(more)

Do we support privatization of our streets? What is the difference between sharing and renting?