FlightCar Launches in San Francisco, Lets Travelers Rent Their Cars While Away

betakit.com : February 7, 2013 – excerpt

The world of carsharing has exploded ever since the advent of ZipCar in 2000, with that company alone building a base of around 800,000 members as of the end of 2012, leading to a $491 million acquisition by rental powerhouse Avis in January 2013. As the market has evolved, ZipCar has spawned dozens of new entrants embracing the model such as Hertz On Demand, Car2Go and AutoShare.
The idea of carsharing has also extended to individual vehicle owners via peer-to-peer marketplaces, whereby an owner can make their vehicle available for others to rent for short periods of time. The most popular examples are startups GetAround and RelayRides, which is funded by GM and Google Ventures…. (more)

I just heard about an employee at a big car dealer repair shop with a heavy foot who drove a $70K car over a cement block and totaled the car. That dealer will have to replace the customer’s car, a big loss for the dealer, who is insured. How many people will allow a perfect stranger to drive their personal vehicle while they are out of town? Whoes insurance will cover damaged and missing vehicles?